Customer Benefits for ASIC and IC Design

Research, development and services for ASIC and IC design

Designing of a layout for integrated circuits using a CAD environment for design, simulation and layout
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Employee during CAD-supported design of integrated CMOS readout electronics for sensor systems

Due to its technology selection of internal and external manufacturing technologies, its infrastructure and cooperation models, Fraunhofer IMS is an ideal partner for the development of your customer-specific ASIC and IC design solutions.  The customer benefits and the extensive know-how of the business unit are available to you even after completion of the development as a competent partner for the production, qualification and delivery of prototypes up to the serial product.

From research and development services up to the supply chain service

Our customer benefits include everything from feasibility studies, concept developments, creation of specifications up to design, manufacturing and testing, the whole range as a “Full Supply Chain Service” of the individual ASIC design process in our in-house clean rooms or at our foundry partners. With the combination of our CMOS and post-CMOS technologies the integration of sensor systems and read out circuits on 1-chip or 2-chip system is possible as well.

Benefits of ASIC and IC-based electronic solutions

The motivation for the development of  ICs can be completely different: Technological advantages with regards to efficiency and size play an equally important role as the desire to protect the know-how from reproduction and idea theft. Particularly evident are the price benefits in comparison to discretely built solutions that can be obtained even with medium quantities. A condition is the choice of a competent development partner with the necessary access to technologies.

Planning and implementation

Fraunhofer IMS supports you in planning and implementing your projects from the concept development and the feasibility studies, the testing of efficiency of an IC development, up to a qualified prototype and more. Apart from our areas of expertise in the fields of sensor systems and RFID for industry, automotive and medical technology, we have also been specializing in the increasingly important subjects failure safety and information security (safety & security) and offer our customers ASIC and IC design solutions for functional safe ICs (e.g. according to ISO 26262) as well as the subjects product protection, traceability and protection of reverse engineering.

Our customer benefits, services and know-how include

  • Development of customer-specific integrated circuits
  • Circuit and system development, layout design and verification
  • Production and supply chain services
  • Automated test equipment (ATE) for on-wafer and component tests
  • Implementation of “functional safety” in customer-specific circuits
  • Prototype evaluation and characterization
  • Embedding of cryptographic hardware security functions
  • Re-design or post-development of discontinued ICs
  • CMOS components and PDK development

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Services & Know-how

We support you with our extensive experience in design and production of microelectronics for innovative products.

Cooperation Models

We offer diverse possibilities in our business unit ASIC. Specification, design, tests and reliability measurements from one provider.


Our equipment for the field of ASICs at Fraunhofer IMS offers solutions from the development up to the verified product of your project.


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