Business Units

At the Fraunhofer IMS, we conduct application-oriented research and development for future-relevant applications, markets and products and align our work with the needs of our customers and partners. High-quality, efficient and marketable developments in the field of microelectronics, micro- and nanosystems technology are the focus of our contract work. In order to meet the requirements of current development trends, we need know-how from the fields of application and market as well as from the field of technology. Through our organization, we combine both in an ideal way.

In our four business units: Health, Industry, Mobility and Space and Security, we bundle our know-how from the fields of application, markets and industries. Our goal is to be able to offer our customers attractive and sustainable developments by combining our knowledge of the markets and the technologies.

In our three core competences: Embedded Software and AI, Smart Sensor Systems and Technology, we research and develop new technologies to provide our business fields with innovative and smart technologies for their application fields, industries and markets.

We see our business units as the window to our customers - through them we channel and transport the results and findings from our research directly to the user. As an institute, we are thematically focused and pursue a holistic, systemic approach. In this way, we achieve maximum synergy effects between the business units and core competences.

(1) At the business unit level, we outline the application fields and markets that our business units serve.

(2) Within each business field, you will find detailed information about the individual application fields in which we research and develop.

(3) In the Applications level, we show you concrete implementations and solutions based on practical examples.

If you have additional wishes or ideas and would like to serve other markets, please contact us - together we will find a solution for you.



The Fraunhofer IMS researches and develops medical implants and non-invasive health systems in the Business Unit Health.



The Industry business unit is researching smart solutions for production, artificial intelligence and trustworthy electronics.



The change in mobility is unmistakable - autonomous driving and zero emissions are also the driving topics at the Fraunhofer  IMS.


Space and Security

Space and safety engineering are applications with considerable potential, which is why we take care of them.