High performance computing (HPC) power in sensor systems


In the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's lead project NeurOSmart five institutes (ISIT, IPMS, IMS, IWU, IAIS) are jointly researching particularly energy-efficient and intelligent sensors for the next generation of autonomous systems. In this process the bridges between perception and information processing are being redefined by innovative electronics.

Intelligent machines are increasingly finding their way into our everyday lives. Obvious examples are autonomous driving or modern hoover robots at home. But even where we do not come into direct contact with them independently working robots are increasingly indispensable: as nimble and tireless helpers in logistics centers or as precise and strong partners in production environments.

The NeurOSmart flagship project focusses on the development of a new standard for intelligent hybrid computing architectures in autonomous machines and transport systems. In technological terms the sensor base - a scanning LiDAR system  - will have direct access to the incoming data flows. A neuromorphic HPC chip will be coupled with an AI-supported preprocessing pipeline for data interpretation directly at the sensor. Complex communication and edge computing infrastructures are made redundant by decentralized data preprocessing and opportunities for attacking the system are reduced. The AISC-accelerator itself consists of HfO2-based FeFET crossbars and therefore has the potential to be as energy efficient as possible. Perspectively, an increase in data processing by at least two orders of magnitude is targeted.

Fraunhofer IMS leads the development of the sensor system with AI-supported data preprocessing and software-based object recognition.


At Fraunhofer IMS the subject LiDAR is represented in its whole range. The basis is the development of highly sensitive CSPAD detectors for LiDAR cameras.


The AIRISC enables efficient machine learning and AI in sensors, IoT devices, and other embedded applications.


Embedded AI - Artificial Intelligence for microcontrollers and embedded systems.

Our applications - Examples of what we can do for you

GaN- power modules - PENTA Program »GaNext«

The GaNext project is developing an intelligent power module based on GaN devices.

Secure key storage for Industry 4.0

Random manufacturing variations as an individual fingerprint and thus a physically unclonable function offer more security for Industry 4.0.

RISC-V Processors for Safety and Security

Fraunhofer IMS offers functional safety and cyber security through processor cores based on RISC V.


In the BMBF project Velektronik, the networking of all actuators in the field of manufacturing trustworthy electronics is being advanced together with FMD.


Quantum random number generators with SPAD-based sensors for secure encryption

Our fields of application - Our expertise for you

Sustainable Production

  • Optimization of raw material and energy use
  • Use of alternative energy sources and energy-autonomous sensors
  • Green ICT

Mobile autonomous Manufacturing

  • Sensors / Control for Robots / Cobots
  • Industrial transport systems (AGV)
  • Human-Machine Interaction


  •  Decentralized AI systems and platforms
  • Sensor/actuator optimization and cost efficiency through local AI.
  • Pattern recognition methods

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