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IC Design

Analog, digital and mixed signal integrated circuits are core competences of Fraunhofer IMS. Application specific integrated circuits enable our customers to provide cost efficient and powerful products. We offer the full spectrum from custom to IP-based ASIC solutions.

Full-custom ASICs are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of the customer, providing a highly optimized product.

The IP-based ASIC is based on proven generic components, resulting in lower design time and cost. Using a mix and match approach both design styles can be combined to leverage the benefits of both. The close co-operation with our CMOS production lines provides a seamless and efficient path from concept to series production.

Our long term experience in the development and realization of integrated circuits, starting from concept through design, layout, and fabrication to test and product qualification ensures a short development time and a minimized design risk.

Fraunhofer IMS ASIC Profile

A broad range of our designs bases on multiple proven generic functions:

Sensor Interfaces
Capacitive, Resistive, Optical, Inductive

Signal Conditioning, Amplifiers, Filters, Oscillators, References, Transducers

Signal Conversion
ADC, DAC e.g.: Cyclic, SAR, Sigma Delta, Folding, Dual Slope, Flash, Current steering; Segmented

Digital Signal Processing
Dedicated State Machines, Embedded μC

Integrated Sensors
Temperature, Pressure, Optical, Infrared

Power Solutions
PWM Driver, DC / DC, Low Power, Wireless Supply

Communication Interfaces

Full Supply Chain Service

IMS uses a standardized project control and quality assurance flow tailored for risk control in the ASIC design process to support our first silicon success strategy ISO/TS16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001 accreditations are held.

Cooperation with certification authorities and a proven design flow allow us to develop high reliability designs according to IEC 61508 requirements, utilizing on chip calibration and monitoring mechanisms.

Fraunhofer IMS takes on the responsibility of supplying fully proven and qualified IC solutions on time and at the highest quality.

Our supply chain service includes lifetime support also for extended product cycles. Reference designs are being supplied for over 15 years.