Publications 2022

In addition to scientific publications of the current year, we provide here an archive for publications.

Biosensing with fluorescent carbon nanotubes

Ackermann. Julia; Herbertz, Svenja; Kruss, Sebastian; Metternich, Justus Tom

Histogram formation and noise reduction in biaxial MEMS-based SPAD light detection and ranging systems

Burkard, Roman; Ligges, Manuel; Merten, André; Sandner, Thilo; Viga, Reinhard; Grabmaier, Anton

Feature extraction and neural network-based multi-peak analysis on time-correlated LiDAR histograms

Chen, Gongbo; Kokozinski, Rainer; Landmeyer, Felix; Wiede, Christian

Detection and imaging of the plant pathogen response by near-infrared fluorescent polyphenol sensors

Cosio Eric G.; Dohrman, Frederike; Flavel, Benjamin S.; Giraldo, Juan Pablo; Kruss, Sebastian; Kurth, Larissa; Li, Han; Mithöfer, Axel; Müller, Andrea Teresa; Nißler, Robert

Quantum defects as versatile anchors for carbon nanotube functionalization

Mann, Florian A.; Galonska, Phillip; Herrmann, Niklas; Kruss, Sebastian

A calibration-free blood pressure measurement on a scale: Concept and challenges

Wiede, Christian; Wuerich, Carolin; Grabmaier, Anton

Contactless measurement of respiratory volumes: A calibration free method based on depth information

Wichum, Felix; Hassel, Jacqueline; Wiede, Christian; Seidl, Karsten

Dynamic growth/etching model for the synthesis of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides via chemical vapour deposition 

Pollmann, Erik; Maas, Andrè; Marnold, Dave; Hucht, Alfred; Neubieser, Rahel-Manuela; Stief, Mike; Madauß, Lukas; Schleberger, Marika

NIR-emitting benzene-fused oligo-BODIPYs for bioimaging

Selvaggio, Gabriele; Nißler, Robert; Nietmann, Peter; Patra, Atanu; Patalag, Lukas J.; Janshoff, Andreas; Werz, Daniel B.; Kruss, Sebastian


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