Wireless &Transponder Systems

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Fraunhofer IMS has acquired professional expertise in the development of sensor transponders and related readers. Sensor transponders combine the identification mechanisms known from standard RFID technology and measurement data acquisition. Sensor transponders are very helpful if the usage of wired sensors is impossible or difficult due to mobile, rotating or inaccessible points of interest. Sensor transponder systems can individually be designed to fit into the user’s specific application. Various frequency ranges and energy supply methods can be used to comply with surrounding media, operating distance and data rate.

Passive transponder tags are operating without any local energy source like battery, solar cell or thermal element. Their power supply is realized through the electromagnetic field provided by the reader. Therefore passive transponders are completely maintenance free and have an unlimited lifetime, which makes them very important for several applications, especially for medical implants. Their working distance is limited by the power demand of the transponder.

Active transponder systems – including sensor networks – overcome this restriction, but they need a local power supply which can be realized using energy harvesting mechanisms.