Analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC and IC design solutions for reliable and trustworthy electronics


Analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC and IC design solutions for reliable and trustworthy electronics

CMOS ASIC produced by Fraunhofer IMS during a mixed-signal test
© Fraunhofer IMS
Manufactured CMOS ASIC of Fraunhofer IMS during a mixed-signal test

From ASIC and IC design up to the pilot production is the maxim the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS follows. The business unit ASICs offers its customers professional analog, digital or mixed-signal ASIC and IC solutions from the concept up to the verified silicon for “turnkey” ASIC and IC-based products for the use in various application areas, for example industry 4.0, medical technology, logistics or automotive. We support our customers with our extensive system know-how in system development and implementation.

Application- and customer-specific ASICs and IC design solutions

Through the use of our application- or customer-specific ICs our customers can realize their uniqe selling point, which can enable the development of new and innovative products or the optimization of already existing ones. Together with our customers we will find the optimal production technology and supply chain. Application focus of our IC and ASIC solutions are in the sensor technology, for example in inductive sensors for absolute or incremental position sensing, for detection of location or change in position (linear), as well as angle or angle changes (rotating). Our certified development processes support the consideration of special norms, for example the norm of “functional safety” according to IDO26262 or IEC 61508. More focus areas of our ASIC and IC design developments are integrated circuits (RFICs) for transponder applications (RFIDs). With the possibilities of application- or customer-specific solutions we can offer our customers applications that aren’t possible with commercially available standard products. Our transponder ICs (RFIDs) with embedded sensor technology are applied, for example, in medical implants or logistic processes with high requirements regarding reliability, security and read range. We implement circuit components that allow for clear and tamper-proof identification. Energy self-sufficient customer-specific RFID solutions allow for the connection of external sensors or memory (e.g. FRAM).

Reliable and trustworthy electronic systems

The subjects “functional security” (in accordance with SIL or ASIL) and cyber security play an increasingly big role in specification and the design of so-called reliable and trustworthy electronic systems. Apart from specialized analog or digital parts and customer-specific interfaces these circuits also include embedded processor cores. Particularly in the selection of the processors to be integrated the architecture should be suited in fulfilling the requirements of “functional security” and be robust against cyber attacks. Fraunhofer IMS offers secured processor cores on the basis of open RISC-V architecture for safety and security applications.

Wide IP data base and technology selection for optimal performance

Apart from implementation in the most diverse standard CMOS technologies there are also design and technology solutions available for high temperature, high voltage and sensor technology applications. Special circuit parts or sensor technology components are developed individually and customer-specifically and integrated onto an ASIC or IC with standard components like sensor readout, signal processing, interface components or embedded microcontrollers, like the RISC-V. Safety features for safety and security applications can be directly integrated, too.

Full Supply Chain Service

We offer ASIC and IC design, processing, assembly and test from one supplier and support our customers in the selection of a suitable supply chain. Standardized and certified processes in connection with our efficient software and equipment features guarantee for an efficient  ASIC and IC design as well as product realization.  Apart from support during the whole development process, we also offer our competences for consultation and sub-areas of these processes to be able to accommodate the requirements of our customers in a flexible way.

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We offer applications for ASIC and IC design solutions from the fields of industry, medical technology, automotive and logistics.


Fraunhofer IMS offers ready for use solutions and IP for the integration into your ASIC for many different areas.

Customer Benefits

We develop ICs for industrial sensor systems, automotive and medical technology and are the ideal partner for customer-specific IC-/ASIC-based electronic systems.