The IMS is opening its Microsystems Technology Lab & Fab on June 22nd

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The setup time is over, (almost) all machines and facilities are installed in the new clean room and ready for use.

In the Microsystems technology Lab & Fab novel microchips are developed “Above CMOS” by “Post Processing”. The combination of microsystems technology and CMOS technology leads to “intelligent sensors” as high-capacity systems which are applicable in various fields.

For the medical engineering e.g. miniaturized implants, which collect data and transfer them wireless out of the human body are produced. We develop infrared sensor arrays for detecting and visualizing heat radiation in automotive or industrial environments and in safety engineering. Integrated pressure sensors provide their metered values via customized or custom-designed interfaces. Bio sensors with integrated signal processing will enable the opening of new business units. Even the conventional CMOS process is extended e.g. in the optical field by color vision, UV sensitivity and micro lenses in the MST Lab & Fab.

In the scope of the contest “NanoMikro + Werkstoffe NRW” the land NRW granted our project of building up the MST Lab & Fab. Additionally to the funds of NRW and the EU we received financial resources from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft by funds of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

We would like to thank the sponsors for this commendation, which is honor and incentive at the same time. In close cooperation with commercial enterprises we will develop innovative, cost-effective and product-specific systems, which allow for growth opportunities of the involved enterprises.

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