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The Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS will present its latest developments for person and environment recognition to increase safety and autonomy in work and mobility situations at VISION 2022

October 4 to 6, 2022 /

Three business units and three core competencies of the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS present their developments at »VISION 2022«, the world's leading trade fair for image processing. An LWIR camera with embedded algorithms for human recognition, the LiDAR camera »TinyOwl« for 3D environment recognition and the data protection-compliant contactless vital sign measurements for increased occupational safety: Three demonstrators, one exhibit and the latest development for neuromorphic data systems using the example of LiDAR sensor systems can be seen from October 4 to 6 in the Messe Stuttgart in hall 10, at the booth 10E76 of the Fraunhofer IMS.

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Object and person detection

Effective and efficient object and person detection on microcontrollers with the LWIR camera

The LWIR camera with embedded algorithms for human recognition has been specially developed for the use of resource-limited hardware. The secret of our solution lies in the 99% parameter reduction compared to state-of-the-art object recognition methods. This enables person recognition on low-power microcontrollers even under difficult viewing conditions.

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Capturing 3D images faster and at the smallest fields of view

Capturing 3D images faster and at the smallest fields of view with the LiDAR camera TinyOwl

LiDAR camera TinyOwl Capture 3D images in your environment faster than the human eye thanks to our latest Flash LiDAR camera with efficient embedded data pre-processing. With twice the processing speed, the TinyOwl provides a 3D point cloud as the basis for reliable detection of people in the production environment.

Also of interest: our CSPAD detector.

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Keyvisual Fraunhofer lighthouse project »NeurOSmart«

The new generation of autonomous systems for human-machine collaboration on short distances – neuromorphic data systems in the »NeurOSmart« project

New LiDAR systems with ever higher resolution require smart data management. Fraunhofer IMS is developing a sensor system with AI-supported data preprocessing and software-based object recognition in the Fraunhofer lead project NeurOSmart. NeurOSmart focuses on the development of a new standard for intelligent, hybrid computing architectures in autonomous machine and transport systems. Complex communication and edge computing infrastructures are made redundant by decentralized data pre-processing and attack possibilities on the system are reduced. Our experts on site will be happy to inform you about the possible applications of the particularly energy-efficient and intelligent sensors for the next generation of autonomous systems, such as human-machine collaboration over short distances.

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Contactless vital sign measurement

Visually capture workload before it happens while preserving privacy rights with non-contact vital sign measurement

Contactless vital parameter measurements for privacy-compliant work analysis to create better working conditions in the age of digitalization and automation. The contactless, optical camera system allows vital parameters such as the frequency of the heart and respiration, respiratory volume or oxygen saturation to be used for privacy-compliant analysis of the prevailing workload of employees.

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Want to start the conversation now? More information can be found on the Fraunhofer IMS event page: Fraunhofer IMS@Vision 2022


Fraunhofer IMS

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