Applications for integrated circuits and systems

Applications in the areas of industry, logistics, medical technology and automotive

Applications IC design and ASICs

Produzierter CMOS ASIC des Fraunhofer-IMS beim Mixed-Signal Test
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Produzierter CMOS ASIC des Fraunhofer-IMS beim Mixed-Signal Test

The business unit ASICs of Fraunhofer IMS offers application- and customer-specific solutions for challenging demands including the areas of medical technology, automotive and industry. We offer ASIC and IC design solutions and search for the optimal manufacture process for the target application together with our customers.

ASICs for inductive sensor technology

Key areas for applications of our IC and ASIC solution are in sensor technology, for example inductive sensors for absolute or incremental position sensors for detection of location or change in position (linear) and angle or angle changes (rotating) for commutation of electro motors in electrical propulsion systems.

RF circuits (RFICs) for transponder applications

Through the possibility of application or customer-specific solutions, we can offer our customers applications that are not possible with commercially available RFID standard products. Our transponder ICs (RFIDs) with embedded sensor technology can be found in medical implants or in logistic processes with high demands on reliability, security and read range.

Tamper-proof identification and hardware-based key memory

For the clear marking of products and traceability of logistic processes we implement our circuit components that allow for a distinct and tamper-proof identification.

Functional security (according to SIL or ASIL)

Not only in the area of autonomous systems the “functional security” is playing an important role in increasingly complex electronic systems. Fraunhofer IMS takes the requirements of functional security of its customers into account in its certified development processes and supports its customers in the realization of the norms according to IEC EN 61508 or ISO 26262, for example in automotive applications.

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Inductive Angular Position Encoder

Inductive position sensor ASIC with ASIL functionality for non-contact determination of the position of a metallic target

HF Transponder for the Trade and Logistics Sector

HF transponder with FRAM memory eliminates the disadvantages of the classic RFID systems with flash memory technology and opens up new application areas.

Manipulation Protection for Trustworthy Electronics

Techniques for the protection of safety-critical hardware and sensitive IP which are based on electronic protective films and CMOS-integrated distinct identification strctures

Radiation-Resistant 5.6 GHz UHF Transponder in Metal

Metal shields from radio signals: Fraunhofer IMS knows of possibilities to radio in metallic environments with 5.6 GHz

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We offer analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC and IC design solutions for reliable and trustworthy electronics


We offer applications for ASIC and IC design solutions from the fields of industry, medical technology, automotive and logistics.


Fraunhofer IMS offers ready for use solutions and IP for the integration into your ASIC for many different areas.

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We develop ICs for industrial sensor systems, automotive and medical technology and are the ideal partner for customer-specific IC-/ASIC-based electronic systems.