Sustainable Production

Guiding principle of the application field

Climate change, scarcity of resources and political influences on global markets pose challenges for companies in the manufacturing sector in particular. Strategies such as Green Deal and Industry 4.0 aim to equip companies for current and future challenges. The efficient use of resources and raw materials up to circular value chains, high quality at low cost, zero-downtime and low emissions are goals of sustainable production and part of the aforementioned future strategies. From our point of view, mankind can only limit the consequences of climate change if all production becomes sustainable production.

Photo of a mixed-signal CMOS IC
© Fraunhofer IMS
Photo of a mixed-signal CMOS IC

Our offer

Digital transformation opens up opportunities to make your industrial production processes sustainable and circular. Smart sensor systems provide pre-processed information for the smart factory and are easy to retrofit and have low-maintenance. The Fraunhofer IMS researches and develops in the application field "Sustainable Production" in the field of autonomous sensor systems with local information processing and wireless networking. We use the latest technologies from all areas, such as robust wireless networking with real-time properties e.g. "IO-Link wireless" or energy harvesting mechanisms for quasi maintenance-free sensor systems. Particular attention is being paid to the sensor-based implementation of machine learning methods. In this form of using artificial intelligence, the benefits of this technology can already be implemented on the power-constrained microcontrollers at the data acquisition point.

Photo of a self-sufficient current sensor for retrofitting in industrial machinery during digitalization
© Fraunhofer IMS
Photo of a self-sufficient current sensor for retrofitting in industrial machinery during digitalization

Ultimately, innovative products and solutions are created in cooperation with you, particularly in the following application areas: Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance, Green ICT and circular production.

Examples include smart wireless sensors for equipment condition monitoring, non-invasive solutions for Industry 4.0 retrofits, lifetime prediction of ball bearings in machine tools, material sorting solutions, resource utilization metrics, and cost-effective energy management. All these building blocks can support the industry in implementing sustainable production

In our "sustainable production" application area, we also pursue and support the sustainable development goals in the German government's Agenda 2030 and work with you to shape the production of the future.

AI-based Condition Monitoring and Retrofitting for Machine Tools

The KI-MUSIK4.0 project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under grant number 16ME0076.

Our applications - Examples of what we can do for you


To increase the performance of readers, Fraunhofer IMS offers methods for better carrier suppression and signal evaluation.

Infrastructure Monitoring

In the application area of infrastructure monitoring “Drones4Energy“ is an innovative drone project that adds to the newest technologies for the electrical and communications engineering.

Digitalization in the Industry

Modular sensor systems for real-time process control and smart condition assessment.

Energy Harvesting

Enabling sustainable energy solutions for IoT applications with the development of "self-powered".

Monitoring of Overhead Lines

Sensor system with self-sufficient sensor modules using energy harvesting to monitor the operating parameters (condition monitoring) of high voltage overhead lines.

Intelligent Reliability 4.0

Increase reliability of LiDAR detectors by optimizing manufacturing and testing processes (iRel 4.0)

Our fields of application - Our expertise for you

Mobile autonomous Manufacturing

  • Sensors / Control for Robots / Cobots
  • Industrial transport systems (AGV)
  • Human-Machine Interaction


  •  Decentralized AI systems and platforms
  • Sensor/actuator optimization and cost efficiency through local AI.
  • Pattern recognition methods

Trustworthy Electronics

  • Protection against product piracy / Counterfeit-proof labeling
  • Tamper-proof and fail-safe electronics
  • Trustworthy supply chains

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