Business Unit Mobility

Today's mobility is facing a major technological and structural change. The volume of goods and transport users is constantly increasing and the ecosystem is reaching its limits. So what will the mobility of the future look like?

In the Busness Unit Mobility, the Fraunhofer IMS works together with manufacturers, suppliers and research and development institutions on innovative solutions. In the process, all areas related to mobility are addressed:

Representation of multimodal transport and movement in the mobility
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Areas of mobility
Schematic diagram for innovations in the Mobility business unit
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Mobility innovations

For emission-free and autonomous mobility, application-specific sensors and systems are developed at Fraunhofer IMS, which offer a wide range of possibilities in combination with algorithms and artificial intelligence. In addition, the in-house clean room and the microsystems technology Lab&Fab enable individual manufacturing based on state-of-the-art diversification of MEMS and CMOS technology. The resulting solutions are used to enable safe and sustainable mobility. The three main topics are:

  • Sensor fusion for environment detection
  • Safe electronics in urban air mobility
  • Predictive maintenance for fuel cells

We focus our work to the quality of our services and thus ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We also fulfill requirements for the functional safety of ICs (e.g. according to ISO 26262) and offer know-how for product protection.

When it comes to innovation, we are right at the front. We are happy to cooperate with you as a partner in public projects on a wide variety of mobility topics.

As part of our membership in the Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland (FMD) (Microelectronics Research Factory Germany), we help to map the entire value chain of microelectronics.

We support you from the first idea to your own product!

The developments of new technologies and smart sensor systems pave the way for innovative, reliable solutions to realize emission-free and autonomous mobility concepts.

Our fields of application - Our expertise for you

Autonomous mobility

Safe interaction between all road users with reliable sensor systems in all situations. Fraunhofer IMS enables autonomous mobility through real-time detection and sensor-based data processing.

Emission-free mobility

Emission-free locomotion and efficient transport for a sustainable mobility.  With its solutions, the Fraunhofer IMS enables long-lasting, optimized and safe operation of new powertrain systems.

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