Biohybrid Systems

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The Fraunhofer IMS is at the cutting edge of MEMS-, nano-, and biosensor-technology, which combines traditional CMOS technology with innovative post-processed bio- and nanostructures.

In the last decade, the semiconductor technology has been seeing a new trend, called »More than Moore«, where added values to silicon-based devices are provided by incorporating new functionalities.

The ability to interface biological elements and silicon-based devices offers the opportunity to propose fully integrated solutions for biosensors. Biohybrid systems – i.e. BioMEMS and BioCMOS, microfabrication and microelectronic technologies suitable for biological applications – have great potential for miniaturized biosensors, microchip arrays or portable Point-of Care Testing (POCT) applications.

  • Customized biosensor systems (e.g. glucose, lactate)
  • Markerless and quantitative sensor technology
  • Real-time monitoring in body fluid
  • Customized electrochemical sensor technology
  • Immuno sensor technology
  • Application specific packages and tests