Emission-free mobility

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100% green hydrogen for a sustainable future

Climate change is the challenge of our time. Perhaps the greatest task that mankind has ever had to face. Global warming, as the name suggests, affects the entire world population. The Paris Agreement shows the unity of the world towards the climate goal of limiting global warming to below  2 °C if possible, in order to prevent heat waves, droughts and other natural disasters.

The seriousness and ambition with which Germany and Europe are pursuing this goal is evident, among other things, from the national and Europe-wide hydrogen strategies. These strategies offer a tangible plan for decarbonizing industry and transport toward zero-emission mobility. The transport sector is not limited to the automotive sector, but also includes shipping and air traffic.

Fraunhofer IMS contributes to the research field of emission-free mobility. With our technologies, we support the reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of emission-free mobility solutions. Our knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) on resource-limited systems and trustworthy electronics enables us to make the latest technology more durable, safer and greener. In this way, we achieve, on the one hand, a more performant and also resource-saving technology and, on the other hand, an increased trust of the users due to the increased security and an easier entry due to lower costs.

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Areas of Emission Free Mobility
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Future of Mobility

Especially where only few processor resources are available or have to be reduced, we apply our know-how of efficient feature extraction methods. Become effective before the neural network allows the reduction of the required neurons and thus saves computing power. Another benefit is that the neural network can be controlled by the feature extraction, so that the content in the network is traceable as a GreyBox instead of a BlackBox. In further applications, we are developing solutions for predictive maintenance for fuel cells. But also the refueling or recharging of vehicles are topics, where AI on embedded systems comes into action. We are always looking for the ideal solution for your problem.

Zero-emission mobility will shape the future and contribute to achieving the ambitious targets for reducing global warming. Let's shape the future together!


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Predictive maintenance of fuel cells

Early detection of malfunctions increases the service life and safety of the fuel cell.

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Autonomous mobility

Safe interaction between all road users with reliable sensor systems in all situations. Fraunhofer IMS enables autonomous mobility through real-time detection and sensor-based data processing.


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