The Fraunhofer inHaus Centre in Duisburg works with numerous universities, research institutes and business partners to develop new ideas for an intelligent future. The focus is always on people and their needs. As a result of this creative think tank, innovative systems and products are created in cooperative research and development work, which are developed, tested and demonstrated in various practical application laboratories. The focus is on the areas of SmartHome, SmartHealth, SmartCare and SmartCity. The underlying technologies, such as smart and highly integrated sensor technology, artificial intelligence or trustworthy electronics, form the core competences of the Fraunhofer IMS. In addition to content from these areas, start-ups and foundations in the same thematic environment are also the focus of our interest.

The Fraunhofer inHaus consists of the inHaus 1 residential complex and the inHaus 2 building for technical solutions in commercial properties. In 2020, the renovation of the residential complex in inHaus 1 began, in which modern living environments of society will be mapped and researched in the future. Three scenarios are planned: the first reflects the smart home for families, in which technologies for security, energy efficiency and comfort will be integrated. In the second scenario, solutions for the topic of dementia will be shown and further developed. In the third scenario, staying in one's own home for a long time will be tested with suitable support systems.

In 2020, the SmartCity Innovation Center of the city of Duisburg was already completed. An innovative platform of smart city demonstrators of the city of Duisburg and its partners as well as modern co-working spaces can be seen on approx. 200 sqm. We are looking forward to interesting new exchange formats as well as exciting discussions for a sustainable, healthy and economically successful Duisburg!

In addition to the application fields and the conference areas, the Fraunhofer-inHaus centre also offers start-up companies the opportunity to benefit from the application knowledge, the technologies, but also the knowledge of research programmes at state, federal and EU level. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer-inHaus networking programme is an ideal opportunity to meet local and international companies and corporations and to jointly drive innovation forward.

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