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  • Research and Development | Feature | Reading Time: 5 Min. / 2023

    Feature: Open Source Semiconductors

    September 04, 2023

    The future of hardware is open source - unleashing innovative drive in science and industry with open semiconductor structures to address societal challenges in climate protection as well as security issues.

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  • Research and Development | Shortnews | Reading Time: 2 Min. / 2023

    Increasing food quality and reducing recall costs through smart sound sensor technology: successful conclusion of BMWK project ISEP

    September 01, 2023

    Prevention of food contamination through AI-based monitoring methods: Defective equipment and contamination of food are the second-most common cause of food warnings in Germany. In the ISEP[1] project, Fraunhofer IMS has developed a solution that quickly and reliably detects such defects for each individually filled bag. This ensures a higher quality of the goods. Associated with this, food waste as well as high claims for damages and recall costs can be avoided in the future.

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  • Research and Development | Feature | Reading Time: 5 Min. / 2023

    Feature: Biomedical Sensor Systems

    May 02, 2023

    Highly sensitive, intelligent medical sensors: Innovation drivers for a better healthcare for everyone Karsten Seidl, Head of Business Unit Health, and his team want to shape the medical care of tomorrow with intelligent sensor solutions. »We bring innovations to medical technology SMEs and thus make our contribution to a sta-ble and progressive healthcare for patients.« Find out, which projects will help to make these things possible.

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  • Research and Development | Feature | Reading Time: 5 Min. / 2023

    Feature: AI Software Frameworks for Healthcare, Industries, Sustainability and Security

    February 27, 2023

    At Fraunhofer IMS Burkhard Heidemann, Head of Embedded Software and AI, and Christian Wiede, Head of Embedded AI, are researching on intelligent AI solutions for various areas of life with their team. From industry to medicine applications in the fields of »Machine Learning« and »Computer Vision« promote innovation, sustainability and security in our society. »We create user-friendly and resource-efficient AI algorithms for small systems with maximum data security that run on any hardware. Through our extensive know-how in sensor technology and artificial neural networks, we are able to reduce performance overhead on a large scale.« Read now which projects and applications the colleagues from the department are researching.

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  • Insights | Shortnews | Reading Time 1 Min. / 2022

    Welcome to our »MicroNews with big topics«! Fraunhofer IMS Newsletter Redesign

    June 15, 2022

    Starting fresh: For some time now, we have been providing regular information about our research. Just as this is constantly developing, we are also creating a new appearance in communication and are presenting our newsletter redesigned as »MicroNews with big topics«. In addition to research and development, we now offer you exciting Insights from our institute as well as information about current Trade Fairs and Events.

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