Experience microelectronic embedded systems live: Three business units and two core competences present at »embedded world 2022«

Three business units and two core competences of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS present their applications at the »embedded world 2022«. Contactless vital parameter measurements, gesture recognition with the AIfES software framework, the RISC-V processor AIRISC and TimestampsAI for environment recognition: You can experience two demonstrators, an exhibit and the institute's latest LiDAR development at the Fraunhofer-Joint Booth in Hall 4-422 from June 21 to 23.

Gesture recognition and training with AIfES: Configure individual gestures trained to an artificial intelligence to control your machines or even the remote control at home. This new development adapts to your systems without having to establish a cloud connection.

TimestampsAI is our latest development for applications to capture complex 3D scenes in any environment. It provides a faster and data-reduced solution for your high-resolution LiDAR systems and is suitable for use in areas such as autonomous driving or factory automation.

The RISC-V processor AIRISC accelerates the analysis of sensor data by 80%. The new AI hardware acceleration for smart sensor technology from Fraunhofer IMS now features instruction set extensions and coprocessors for efficient neural network computation.

Contactless vital parameter measurement to facilitate everyday hospital life: The contactless, optical camera system allows vital parameters such as the frequency of the heart and respiration, heart rate, respiratory volume or oxygen saturation to be used for monitoring patients or their visitors.

Book your free trade fair ticket or get in touch with the contact persons for developments now? You can find more information on the event page of the Fraunhofer IMS: Fraunhofer IMS@embedded world 2022_EN - Fraunhofer IMS


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