Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems

Microsystems Technology

New procedures of post-processing serve the integration of sensors with electronics onto a microchip. Deploying these high-end sensors in thermography and the health sector is part of the special know-how of the institute.

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Reflect together, discuss and profit

Workshops, seminars and conferences take place regularly and draw many participants attention to Duisburg.

Defy the heat

High temperature electronics enable the application of microelectronic circuits within a temperature range of up to 250°C. Ordinary electronics already reach their limits at 125ºC under such harsh conditions.

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New ways in detecting biochemical parameters

As a capable partner in the field of biohybrid systems, the Fraunhofer IMS offers the development of market-free, bio-electronic analysis systems among a broad variety of services.

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Microsystems Technology


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Latest News


Fraunhofer IMS develops extremely low-noise read out-ASIC for capacitive sensors

Extremely low-noise, highly precise: Those are the prominent characteristics of the »IMS-CAP51«. The new IMS-CAP51 adds these »merits« to the read-out of capacitive sensors, for example of acceleration-MEMS. Its special talents come into effect where highly accurate measured data is of great importance: for example seismic measurements for the early detection of earthquakes...

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Fraunhofer IMS develops RFID-based fire protection for electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets are used in every industrial manufacturing plant; they serve the supply, control and regulation of machinery and other plant components and are therefore indispensable for industrial processes. According to statistics of the German Insurance Association GDV, 30 percent of all fires are caused nationwide by defects of electrical plants or devices. The fact, that ...

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Multi-sensor for the optimization of bio processes

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS have successfully integrated a miniaturized multi-sensor system for the in-situ monitoring of bio-processes onto a silicon chip. The system combines sensors for glucose, lactate, cell density and pH-value on a chip surface of 7 mm x 7 mm. Thus parallel measurement of these four process variables in-situ, therefore directly ...

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