Infrastructure of the Field CMOS Image Sensors

The infrastructure of Fraunhofer IMS provides a solid foundation for the development of optical sensors from CMOS fabrication to characterization.

CMOS and MST manufacturing with highest quality

System for automatic wafer test at Fraunhofer IMS
© Fraunhofer IMS
System for automatic wafer test at Fraunhofer IMS
Infrastructure of Fraunhofer IMS
© Fraunhofer IMS
Infrastructure of Fraunhofer IMS

Fraunhofer IMS offers an extensive infrastructure and numerous options for the development, manufacture and characterization of sensors.

The 0.35 µm CMOS technology installed in the Fraunhofer IMS is qualified according to the automotive standard ISO TS16949 and therefore extremely stable and reliable. Special CMOS "Opto" options enable the realization of special process steps and components such as CCDs or SPADs.

After CMOS processing, the 200 mm wafers can be further "refined" in the MST Lab&Fab. Further process steps such as wafer bonding, planarization, thinning, deposition of various materials and photo technology are possible as well. This enables, for example, the implementation of color sensors, backside illumination (BSI) anti-reflection coating or chip-scale packaging.

Further clean rooms are available for testing prototypes and products as well as for assembly and connection technology.

In our measuring laboratory we characterize and test the prototypes of the newly developed optical sensors with our professional measuring stations both in the wafer compound and in the packaged state.

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Service & Know-How

As a partner for innovative product developments in the field of optical sensors, Fraunhofer IMS offers everything from a single source: from the initial idea to pilot production.

Cooperation Models

Fraunhofer IMS is open to cooperation and challenges to develop tailor-made solutions for CMOS image sensors in any application.

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Fraunhofer IMS has the experience and the competences to develop custom-made CMOS image sensors and manufacture them in an 8-inch CMOS line.


The optical sensors of Fraunhofer IMS are tailored to the respective situation and are used in numerous applications ranging from autonomous driving to quantum technology.


Fraunhofer IMS can rely on years of experience and technological expertise in the development and manufacture of optical sensors for numerous applications.