CMOS Image Sensors#

Fraunhofer IMS has the experience and the competences to develop custom-made CMOS image sensors and manufacture them in an 8-inch CMOS line.

CMOS Image Sensors

Our many years of experience in CMOS technology and a comprehensive infrastructure provide an excellent basis for the development of tailor-made optical sensors for a wide range of applications.

Fraunhofer IMS has long years of experience in the design of CMOS photo detectors and image sensors as well as in the process and components simulation, processing and characterization. IMS operates an 8-inch CMOS line that is certified according to automotive standards and a microsystems laboratory that offers diverse possibilities in wafer postprocessing. Our customers benefit from our standard 0.35 μm CMOS process that is optimized for applications of optical sensor systems. Photosensitive components like pinned photodiodes (PPDs), single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) or CCDs are therefore available in the whole CMOS process. Especially developed read out circuits as well as clever algorithms enable application-specific solutions. Through the application of innovative wafer connection techniques Backside Illuminated (BSI) image sensors can be produced that have increased optical features and a higher fill factor. With these processes and the corresponding photodiodes Fraunhofer IMS can cover a broad spectrum from x-rays over EUV, UV and the visible range up to near-infrared.  

A current topic area is 3D sensor technology, in which novel detectors and systems for LiDAR (Light-Detection-and-Ranging) are being developed. LiDAR is a time-of-flight based measurement process for the determination of distances between objects and is applied as a sensor system, for example, in autonomous driving and industrial robotics. Other topic areas are fast line sensors with the highest object definition, increased sensitivity and time resolution in timed Raman spectroscopy and embedding from CCDs into the CMOS process (embedded CCD for image sensors in space). Moreover, developments take place on single photon detectors for quantum imaging with entangled photons, as well as on silicon photomultiplier detectors (SiPM) for application in imaging techniques of nuclear medicine.

We offer our customers tailor-made designs on the basis of CMOS processes of Fraunhofer IMS or on the basis of other foundry processes for pilot production. Furthermore, our customer benefits include services in the area of wafer postprocessing, process optimization, electro-optical characterization and, of course, our know-how (see: Customer Benefits). If you need an application-specific image sensor with special performance features that goes beyond the state of the art, we are your competent partner and are gladly accepting the challenge!



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The optical sensors of Fraunhofer IMS are tailored to the respective situation and are used in numerous applications ranging from autonomous driving to quantum technology.


Fraunhofer IMS can rely on years of experience and technological expertise in the development and manufacture of optical sensors for numerous applications.

Customer Benefits

As a partner for innovative product developments in the field of optical sensors, Fraunhofer IMS offers everything from a single source: from the initial idea to pilot production.