Service & Know-How in the Field of CMOS Image Sensors

Based on our many years of experience, we offer a full range of services to achieve the best possible results in the development of optical sensors.

Our extensive services around CMOS image sensors

From chip to demonstrator: Characterization of the LiDAR camera Owl.
© Fraunhofer IMS
From chip to demonstrator: Characterization of the LiDAR camera Owl.

The Fraunhofer IMS offers a comprehensive service in all areas of the development of innovative optical sensors and image sensors. The services we offer our customers range from concept and feasibility studies to product development and pilot production. It is important to us to involve the customer in our work in every phase and to create the greatest transparency. In pre-competitive preliminary projects we are experienced partners in all forms of joint projects with partners from industry and science; whether on European, national or regional R&D partners. The list of our services includes among others:

  • Execution of concept and feasibility studies
  • Development of new photodetector components and process variants
  • Design and prototypical production of customer-specific image and photo sensors
  • Modeling and optimization with simulation programs.
  • Electro-optical characterization of the sensors and acquisition of important parameters such as capacitance, dark current, spectral sensitivity and others according to EMVA 1288 standard.
  • Development of application demonstrators including electronics, optics, firmware and software
  • Postprocessing on 200 mm wafers
  • Construction and packaging for special requirements
  • Sensor qualification
  • Pilot production of sensor ICs and chiplets

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With its CMOS production clean rooms and extensive equipment for development, characterization and testing, the IMS is ideally equipped for sophisticated sensor developments.

Cooperation Models

Fraunhofer IMS is open to cooperation and challenges to develop tailor-made solutions for CMOS image sensors in any application.

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CMOS (Home)

Fraunhofer IMS has the experience and the competences to develop custom-made CMOS image sensors and manufacture them in an 8-inch CMOS line.


The optical sensors of Fraunhofer IMS are tailored to the respective situation and are used in numerous applications ranging from autonomous driving to quantum technology.


Fraunhofer IMS can rely on years of experience and technological expertise in the development and manufacture of optical sensors for numerous applications.