Our Services and Know-How in the Development of Electronic Assistance Systems

Electronic assistance systems are based on individual hardware and software structures to create a technically and economically optimal solution for our customers. The know-how and service offers of the business field are correspondingly extensive, but if required we can also resort to the service and know-how of the other business fields of Fraunhofer IMS.

V-model for system development
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Business model canvas for business model development
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Electronic assistance systems are usually complex and consist of sensors and actuators, special hardware structures, computing units and corresponding application software, (wireless) communication interfaces, user interfaces and a power supply. The corresponding technical know-how for the individual design of hardware and application software of a customer-specific assistance system in the business field Electronic Assistance Systems is available and is used within the development.

If an electronic assistance system contains components or subsystems of other business fields of Fraunhofer IMS, the service and know-how of the respective business field (e.g. Pressure Sensors, ASICs, Wireless and Transponder Systems, IR Imagers) are naturally used as well.

The target of a customer for the development of an electronic assistance system isn’t always planned in great detail. In this case, Fraunhofer IMS supports you with its service and know-how with a feasibility study or a benefit analysis which are carried out with the help of the partner and, resulting from that, we carry out a concept development with optional alternative realization variations. In a joint workshop we will gladly explain the concepts with the respective advantages and disadvantages and therefore facilitate a decision regarding the concept which is going to be realized within the framework of a development project.

The development of an electronic assistance system begins with the creation of a specification sheet which describes the development goal explicitly and completely. The development is carried out within the framework of the quality management system of Fraunhofer IMS based on the DIN EN ISO 9001. The development steps contain detail concepts for hardware and software, for testability and the risk management and a subsequently after an internal quality evaluation follows the actual system development (hardware development, software development, system integration) from which the results are being tested in a following test and measuring phase.

There is also the possibility to build a realistic application environment so that the developed assistance system is not only verified by the defined technical parameters in the specification sheet, but is also validated with its complex functions in an application-driven way, preferably with involvement of the customer.

For the completion of the development we deliver the agreed amount of tested prototypes to the customer and, if necessary, support in the integration of the assistance system into the system environment of the requested application. Fraunhofer IMS also gladly supports you in field testing, the creation of business models, further development to a serial product and mediates partners for subsequent series production.

Summary service and know-how:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Benefit analyses
  • Concept studies / concept development
  • Prototype development (system development, hardware and software development)
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of field tests
  • Integration into the work environment
  • Development of business models

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