Electronic Assistance Systems#

Your competent research & development partner for innovations in human-technology interaction in medicine, care, industry and production industry.

Electronic Assistance Systems

Fraunhofer IMS offers its cooperation partners research and development for innovations in the areas of human-technology interaction for applications, e.g. in medical technology and care, but also in the industry and the production industry.

Complex systems from the idea up to the business model#

The workflow of people has become more complex and demanding; time is limited and workforce is expensive or hard to come by. It is to be expected that this will increase even more in the future. Electronic assistance systems can support by contributing to a user-friendly, time and resource-efficient handling of complex tasks. By now, electronic assistance systems are a matter of course in vehicles, but they aren’t as widespread in other fields yet. In the care sector the demographic change in society and the undisputed lack of nursing staff will inevitably lead to the use of technical solutions to be able to manage nursing and care as a social responsibility. One important aspect with such complex technical solutions is the operability by the user and the connected acceptance for its application. Therefore, the interface is of crucial importance to the user and will ideally allow for an intuitive application by untrained users.

From novel assistance systems for more efficiency in the care and hospital sector, for more energy efficiency and transparency in the industry, e.g. in the context of industry 4.0, commercial and domestic sector, in the area of facility management up to solutions for the office of the future – Fraunhofer IMS offers electronic system solutions for the benefit of manufacturers, operators and end users in its business field “Electronic Assistance Systems”.

In brainstorming, conception and development of electronic assistance systems Fraunhofer IMS has the possibility to use already existing components as well as to develop new components on the basis of Fraunhofer IMS technologies and to integrate them into a complex system to offer solutions from one provider. These Fraunhofer IMS technologies include special sensors, for example pressure sensors, customer-specific electronic components, wireless systems and embedded systems (hardware and software) and, if necessary, also energy harvesters as a particularly elegant power supply.

In all of these application fields the assistance system usually records various sensor data which has to be collected, processed and evaluated. The result is extensive data volumes for which there is no sufficient transmission bandwidth to a cloud service available, or long latency to the evaluation is inadmissible. In these cases there is the possibility to implement complex data processing and evaluation directly on-site using artificial intelligence algorithms, for example neural networks. This doesn’t necessarily require a complex hardware with high computing power; a small energy-efficient microcontroller mostly suffices.

Complementing or parallel to the technical development, Fraunhofer IMS also supports their customers in the development of corresponding innovative business models in this business field.

In the living lab of the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center novel electronic assistance systems can be evaluated under realistic conditions and therefore optimized and be customized to the individual application and the market.

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Our electronic assistance systems can be applied in many applications and offer benefits for manufacturers, operaters and end users.


For the development of electronic assistance systems we use many different technologies that are available at Fraunhofer IMS.

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