Pressure Sensor Systems

We develope customized pressure sensor systems for medical and industrial application.

Development and Production of Application-Specific Pressure Sensor Systems

Using the expertise of the Fraunhofer IMS, application-specific pressure sensor systems on CMOS or post-CMOS technologies with individually adjusted dimensions and pressure range for medical or industrial purposes can be realized without difficulty.

Pressure Sensor Systems

In microelectronics, the trend is towards miniaturized sensors that already have basic signal processing included. The same applies to pressure sensors, which pressure sensor systems originate from. Our customer-specific developments are not only energy-efficient and capable of high performance, but also individually adaptable to their surrounding conditions due to their minimal size. These pressure sensor systems enable a broad spectrum of new, demanding applications to be addressed, especially in implantable systems in the field of medical technology.

Light microscope image of pressure diaphragms of a capacitive sensor field to illustrate the business field Pressure Sensor Systems
© Fraunhofer IMS
Detail of two diaphragms of a microsystem technical fabricated pressure sensor system

With the benefits of our in-house production of pressure sensor systems on the basis of capacitive absolute pressure sensors directly in the CMOS process or post-CMOS processing, the customization of the pressure range and other customer-specific requirements can be realized. Furthermore, connections to every kind of signal processing are possible. An example is the integration of several sensors, such as pressure, temperature, and position sensors, in one implant that are driven and read out by a superordinate ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Many of our pressure sensor systems are particularly suitable for use in medical applications, such as long-term monitoring of important physiological parameters such as blood, bladder or intraocular pressure. The read out of the implant is wireless using a transponder solution. Besides data transmission, the pressure sensor system with the ASIC is being powered telemetrically with the necessary energy. Pressure sensor systems are thus gaining importance for the future deployment in medical technology.

Miniaturized pressure transponders are also suitable for hydraulic applications in industrial engineering or for measuring tire pressure in Space detectorsautomotive engineering TPMS), as well as pressures in vacuum insulating panels (VIP).

The patented Fraunhofer IMS production process of pressure sensor systems based on surface micromachining offers the capability for monolithic integration which allows for the production of pressure sensor systems with extremely low power consumption.

Moreover, it is possible to realize capacitive pressure sensor systems on external CMOS circuits based on wafers using a post-CMOS technology developed by Fraunhofer IMS.

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