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Highly efficient motor control with integrated intelligence


Technology Services

Covering the full process chain


Highly scalable micro- and nanofluidic devices on CMOS for biomedical applications

Monolithically integrated in one device


Atomic Layer Deposition

Tools, materials and applications


Biomedical Sensor Systems


Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs): From research to pilot fabrication

Customizable photonics platform


Business Unit Health


European Research

Info sheets on our solutions

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Embedded AI



Blood pressure scale

Use the scale to measure not only weight but also your blood pressure



Embedded gesture training and detection

Customized on your systems without connection to cloud


Driver condition monitoring: Ready for integration in your in-cabin system

Enhance comfort with our highly accurate algorithms for contactless vital signs measurement



AIfES® – the TinyML software-framework for edge devices

Open source software-framework »AI for Embedded Systems« (AIfES®)



Embedded real-time condition monitoring for filling machines

Fast and reliable detection of food contamination




AIRISC - RISC-V cores for smart embedded sensing

Highly configurable and costumizable RISC-V processor systems for a wide range of embedded AI applications



Technical info sheet: High resolution digital PWM controller

Ready to be integrated in your industrial drives - fail-safe monitoring and charging systems with RISC-V




RFID, Predictive Maintenance

Optimizing tool utilization by AI-supported monitoring in machining

Our latest solution to reduce downtime and rework in your machining process



Next generation of industrial RFID

Increasing the performance of RFID systems by using SHF bands offers methods for better carrier suppression and signal evaluation



Optimize your machining process

Wear and remaining useful life prediction of tools in machining with real-time visualization




TimestampsAI: faster and data reduced solution for high-resolution LiDAR systems

Capture complex scenes in 3D in any environment



Flash LiDAR detectors for industry automation and traffic monitoring

CSPAD detectors enabling smart direct Time-Of-Flight LiDAR sensors



Real object representation using light signals

Unique LiDAR qualification method for automotive testing



CSPAD array sensor family

The 2D array sensors CSPAD alpha and CSPAD3k are the latest members of the CSPAD sensor family developed by Fraunhofer IMS.


Quantum computing and sensing


Ultra-fast single photon detection for quantum applications with the lowest dark count rate

Highest detection rate at room and ultra low temperatures