High Temperature Technology

In the SOI-CMOS technology H035 developed at the institute, application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) can be developed for a temperature range from -55 °C up to 300 °C. In the high-temperature technology, precise analog components, e.g. for sensor readout, can be realized as well as complex digital functions up to a microcontroller. Additional technological steps, which take place in the microsystem technology clean room of the Fraunhofer IMS, also enable the realization of sensors, e.g. for measuring pressure or acceleration. Electronics and sensor technology can thus be integrated on a common silicon chip, resulting in cost-effective and reliable solutions for measurement technology in harsh environments. This can involve the development of complete ICs as well as subcomponents or the support of individual development steps.

The high temperature 0.35 µm SOI-CMOS technology offers the technological basis for the fabrication of complex integrated circuits for the temperature range mentioned. The technology was developed at Fraunhofer IMS and currently represents the most advanced technology for high-temperature integrated circuits worldwide. The minimum structure size of only 350 nm is unmatched in the field of other high-temperature technologies and allows the realization of mixed-signal systems even with complex digital parts up to a microcontroller.

The basis for new development projects is the circuit design know-how available at the Fraunhofer Institute. In the high-temperature technology H035, many frequently used components such as amplifiers, analog/digital converters, microprocessors, interface circuits, etc. have already been developed and are available for future projects. Rewritable non-volatile memories in the form of EEPROMs are available for storing e.g. calibration data and are particularly interesting for applications in sensor signal processing. For new blocks to be developed, the design team can draw on a wealth of experience. In principle, all analog and digital functions known from the normal temperature range can also be implemented in the high temperature technology.

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Customized CMOS processes

The Fraunhofer IMS offers the development of individual sub-steps up to the complete customer-specific CMOS process.

External technology development

Fraunhofer IMS develops technologies according to customer specifications or extends already existing technologies with customer options.

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Image Sensors

Development of individual sub-steps up to the complete customer-specific process.

MEMS Technologies

Low temperature processes for post-CMOS integration of MEMS sensors or actuators.

Biofunctional Sensors

Tools for medical diagnostics.


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