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At Fraunhofer IMS you will be involved in varied research projects. The focus is not only on one topic, but you are constantly opening up new problem areas and finding innovative solutions. Often, you will work across departments in order to utilize and further expand interdisciplinary knowledge. But we also regularly cooperate with other (international) research institutes or companies as part of our research work. Changing projects encourage and challenge you to advance new findings in research and to think outside the box. In addition, we offer training courses, attendance at conferences and conventions, and a job rotation system that give you the opportunity to develop your professional skills and thus qualify you to take on new tasks. Fraunhofer as an employer is an excellent reference on a resume. There is close cooperation between the institutes and industry. This is why the path after Fraunhofer often leads to industry. But an academic career or a spin-off are also possible next steps.


Industry-oriented research in a collegial environment

Applied research means direct practical relevance, i.e. the results of our research flow directly into product development. In order to meet the high demands of our customers, for example from the automotive industry, we have a professionally operated quality assurance system and project management. We also attach great importance to teamwork. To bring our research projects to a successful conclusion, we are happy to draw on the knowledge and creativity of many minds. To ensure that the exchange of knowledge functions smoothly, we maintain an open-door culture and hold regular meetings. During your start-up phase, we will also provide you with an experienced colleague who will support you during your induction and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Our benefits as an employer

Infrastructure of the IMS Cleanrooms for the production of microsystems
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Infrastructure of the IMS Cleanrooms for the production of microsystems

The flexitime system at our institute allows more flexibility in everyday life and makes it easier to reconcile family and career. While adhering to the framework and core working hours, our employees can organize their working day according to their own schedule. Operational concerns and personal life rhythm can thus be easily reconciled.

Thanks to our close ties with the University of Duisburg-Essenour institute not only facilitates doctoral studies and joint research projects. Furthermore, our employees can use university facilities such as libraries, canteens and laboratories as well as the diverse range of university sports. In addition, they have the opportunity to register their children at the university's own kindergarten and child holiday care.

In emergencies, they can make use of the pme family service which offers advice and mediation services relating to childcare and relatives in need of care.

In addition, we want you to feel just as well later as you do today. That is why we are already making our contribution to your future by supporting you with a company pension scheme. Other benefits that we offer as an employer: Canteen, private parking garage, back training, employee discounts.

Own clean rooms

In order to provide you with the optimal conditions for your research projects, the Fraunhofer IMS is equipped with high-quality facilities and laboratories, which include an IATF 16949 certified CMOS clean room, another microsystem technology clean room and several test clean rooms. Here you can test your ideas developed at your desk directly in practice.


Living space Ruhr area

Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg
Landschaftspark Nord in Duisburg

Just coal dust, iron, steel and dirt?! Clichés of yesterday. Instead, you can expect industrial culture with one of the largest contiguous museum landscapes in Europe, an excellent infrastructure and many green spaces. The Ruhr area has now developed into an attractive place to live. It was not for nothing that it was named European Capital of Culture in 2010. Our institute is located in one of the most central and popular districts of Duisburg, right next to the university. The infrastructure here is well developed (good connections to the Kaiserberg freeway junction and local public transport), rents are comparatively cheap and the way to the countryside is nevertheless not far. The Fraunhofer IMS is therefore not only an attractive employer, but is also located in a livable environment.

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At Fraunhofer IMS you can apply and deepen your knowledge in practice.

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