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Smaller microchips that keep their coolCMOS IMAGE SENSORSWireless &Transponder SystemsAnnual report 2013Weight loss program for infrared cameras


Wireless &Transponder Systems


Fraunhofer IMS has acquired professional expertise in the development of sensor transponders and related readers. Sensor transponders combine the identification mechanisms known from standard RFID technology and measurement data acquisition. Sensor transponders are very helpful if the usage of wired...[more]

Annual report 2013


In 2013 the economic environment encountered some difficulties. Due to the expiration of current EU programs, fewer new EU projects were realized and the market situation for large R&D projects remained subdued. Despite these difficult conditions the Fraunhofer IMS succeeded in asserting itself...[more]



The Fraunhofer IMS has more than 20 years of experience in CMOS photodetector design, processing, and characterization. Our customers benefit from our standard CMOS and SOI-CMOS processes with a feature size down to 0.35 μm optimized for photosensing applications. Furthermore, we offer CMOS postproc...[more]

Smaller microchips that keep their cool


Temperatures often over 200 degrees C occur in geothermal and oil production – conventional microelectronics hit their limits there. Researchers have now fabricated compact microchips that can keep their cool even at 300 degrees C. An enormous treasure slumbers in the depths of our planet. Temperat...[more]

7th Fraunhofer IMS Workshop CMOS Imaging From Photon to Camera


May 20th and 21st, 2014 OrganizationThe members of the Programme Committee are Prof. Bedrich Hosticka, Ph.D., Mr. Werner Brockherde, Dr. Daniel Durini, and Dr. Andreas Spickermann. Workshop secretary is Mrs. Cornelia Metz. Workshop VenueThe workshop will be held at the Fraunhofer inHaus-Zentrum in...[more]

The Fraunhofer IMS has been transferring its know-how into customer-specific products for more than 25 years.

We develop CMOS based systems, operate process development and circuit design as well as ASIC manufacturing.

As a trendsetter in intelligent microsystems technology (MST) we combine sensors with microelectronic interfaces.

Our system development integrates sensors with wireless systems into innovative customer products.