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Fraunhofer IMS presents and demonstrates its newest developments and their practical benefit as well as current research results regularly at national and international trade fairs and exhibitions. The institute presents selected technologies and application examples of every business field at the fairs. We regularly attend Sensor+Test, Laser World of Photonics and Vision with our own exhibition stands.

Moreover, we attend important scientific conferences and organize our own events and lectures. That includes, for example, the CMOS Imaging Workshop or the High Temperature Electronics Workshop as well as different project workshops and conferences. Our events show in a compact and practical way which trends have potential, methods and strategies that have proven itself in practice and concepts that are going to be relevant in the future.

Within the framework of the events and fairs we present ourselves as an excellent partner in research and development and bridging the gap between science and economy. In addition we strengthen our customer relations, make new contacts and stay on top of current trends in the field of microelectronics and future requirements.

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Overview of our events and fairs

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2022 ANNUAL MEETING of the German Society for Biomaterials


  1. NanoBio-Materials
  2. Implants
  3. Cell-Materials-Interaction
  4. 3D-Bioprinting
  5. Transfection & Targeting
  6. Regenerative Medicine
  7. Biobased Biomaterials
  8. Antimicrobial Strategies
  9. Immunomodulation
  10. Translation


  • 21. September 2022 (Workshop incl. live OP)
  • 22. -24. September 2022 (congress)

Converence chairs

Prof. Dr. Stephan Barcikowski (UDE)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Epple (UDE)

Dr. Jochen Salber (UK-RUB)

Prof. Dr. Karsten Seidl (UDE FhG-IMS)


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Great Success of the 9th CMOS Imaging Workshop

May 7th and 8th, 2019

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The 9th CMOS Imaging Workshop took place on May 7 and 8, 2019 at Fraunhofer IMS.
117 participants from 14 countries discussed the recent developments in hot imaging topics like LiDAR, Quantum Imaging, and Space applications.

The evening event in the Duisburg Landscape Park was particularly great and was a source of enthusiasm for many participants.

We thank all our participants, speakers, and sponsors for contributing to the success of the CMOS Imaging Workshop!

You can find more information on the event here.


How Fraunhofer IMS in Duisburg introduces applications for smart industry

How companies can profit from application-oriented research at Fraunhofer was shown by researchers and entrepreneurs in tandem lectures at the event “IHK meets Fraunhofer” in the Fraunhofer inHaus-Zentrum in Duisburg. Every year, industry and chambers of commerce NRW invite companies to a series of events, to pave companies the way to partners of research. At this year’s meeting it was all about “Sensors and Automatization”.

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© Fraunhofer IMS
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Which machine does need how much power? Is it efficient? A project of Innogy SE and Fraunhofer IMS deals with these questions. Together an upgradable current flow analysis has been developed, with which companies can analyze and optimize their energy management. The system enables the breakdown of the overall power consumption on single devices or the measurement of the consumption at only one point. The visualization of the measured values enables the optimization of the energy balance of a company and is suitable for the monitoring of engines and devices.

In his welcome address IHK-President Burkhard Landers appealed to science and economy to cooperate closely because only in interaction, outstanding innovations of worldwide importance can result. “We – the IHKs in NRW – see ourselves as an important network partner and intermediary between research facilities and companies in NRW. Our experts, such as innovation and technology consultants, support science and economy to always find the perfect partner for their projects”, says Landers.

Dr. Hans-Otto Feldhütter, head of business models in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, emphasized that the knowledge and technology transfer is an elementary component of Fraunhofer Institutes. “Due to contract research, spin-offs and knowledge transfer the innovation power of companies is strengthened and this enhances the regional economic development as well”, says Feldhütter.

Companies that are interested in cooperating with Fraunhofer IMS can get in contact with Ms van Kempen, Tel.: 0203 37832943, Email: sigrid.van.kempen@ims.fraunhofer.de . In a personal interview the individual cooperation possibilities are explained.