Trusted Electronics for Urban Air Mobility

The volume of traffic on city streets continues to increase, posing a major challenge to the population. A nearby solution is Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The shift of passenger and freight transport into the third dimension, into vertical space, is to be realized with autonomous, vertical take-off drones and air taxis. A core element for the safety of such systems is the use of reliable, redundant flight controllers that must make in-flight decisions based on sensor data, position and weather. When there is no pilot to control the aircraft, error-free control by electronic systems is essential.

For a safe flight, different aspects of safety must be addressed. The electronic systems must operate fail-safe, the processing data must be transmitted securely, and the data content must be trustworthy.

Fraunhofer IMS is in contact with partners from the field of Urban Air Mobility in order to offer professional solutions. For this purpose, the Fraunhofer IMS offers various competences and possibilities: ICs in license-free RISC-V processor architecture, functional safety functions and algorithms, and solutions for trustworthy electronics.

With the help of our solutions, the requirements of Urban Air Mobility can be met: Fail-safe electronics enable the safe operation of air cabs and drones even in densely populated areas. Attacks and manipulations are prevented by trustworthy electronics.

Fail-safe and reliable design of a flight controller, © Fraunhofer IVI
© Fraunhofer IVI
Fail-safe and reliable design of a flight controller, © Fraunhofer IVI

Fraunhofer IMS supports the development of a novel and safe flight control system within the ALBACOPTER project, an interdisciplinary project with 5 other Fraunhofer institutes. The ALBACOPTER is an experimental platform for Urban Air Mobility with the goal to develop innovative technology approaches that combine the advantages of agile multicopters with the efficiency of gliders. For this project, Fraunhofer IMS is developing a fail-safe plug-in hardware platform for the flight control unit (FCU).

If you are also interested in the topic of trustworthy electronics in urban air mobility, please contact us. Buy your ticket for the flight into the future now!

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