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Newsletter 04/2022

Dear Readers,

2022 has presented us with major challenges in Germany and beyond due to the war in europe, inflation, shortages of resources and skilled workers, and supply bottlenecks.

But with new projects launched in the second half of the year, we as a Fraunhofer Institute have set our sights hopefully on 2023. With Green ICT @ FMD and the RIWWER project, we want to provide important impulses for a sustainable approach to the environment and our energy consumption in order to protect and relieve the burden on our cities and also private households in the long term. In the CHIPS.NRW initiative, we are also committed to the development of young professionals and the expansion of competencies in chip design in NRW for greater resilience in semiconductor production.

Most of all, though, we would like to thank you, dear customers, cooperation and business partners, valued colleagues and all others who have accompanied us, for the year we have spent together. Finally, we would also like to ask you to participate once again! At the end of our newsletter you can vote on our subjects. Let us know which technologies or categories you are interested in and would like to explore more deeply in the new year.

We are very much looking forward to your input and wish you wonderful holidays and a happy new year!

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Digitalized and AI-supported Wastewater Systems in Duisburg - Project RIWWER
ALBACOPTER® UAV: AIRISC Allows Seamless Operations of the Autonomous Drone
Pitches for Craft
Green ICT @ FMD: Resource-conscious Information and Communication
Double Boost for Microelectronic Research: FMD-QNC and Microelectronics Academy
You are in charge! Develop the year 2023 with us
Research and Development | Industry | Reading Time: 3 Min.
Flood and Environmental Protection with Digitized and AI-supported Wastewater Systems in Duisburg - Research Project RIWWER Goes Live


A strong team from research, applied science, locally and globally operating companies as well as other public partners form a strong foundation for a successful project in the field of long-term protection against water damage and pollution in our rivers like the Rhine or the Ruhr. With the help of a digitalized network and AI-supported monitoring, humanitarian and climatic disasters can be contained.

Press release (DE)
Research and Development | Mobility | Reading Time: 3 Min.
ALBACOPTER® UAV: RISC-V Safety Processor AIRISC Ensures a Seamless Bus Connection, Communication Interfaces and Monitoring of the Autonomous Drone


To safeguard the ALBACOPTER® UAV, a complex monitoring system for trouble-free operation was developed at Fraunhofer IMS within the lighthouse project. The computational core for the monitoring system is based on the open-source RISC-V instruction set, which allows flexible adaptation to the requirements of the ALBACOPTER®. The basis for the developments was the processor AIRISC of the Fraunhofer IMS.

For its use in ALBACOPTER® monitoring, a specially adapted version of the AIRISC was developed, which allows connection to all buses and communication interfaces of the autonomous drone.

  RISC-V Processor AIRISC  
Trade Fairs and Events | Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center | Reading Time: 2 Min.
Pitches for Craft: »Craft Meets Science« Event Successfully Completed


On September 26, 2022, the journey began in search of digital solutions for the skilled trades. At the end of October, the teams pitched their ideas after a four-week workshop phase. Learn more about the internet platform for craft services outside of regular working hours or the quote generation within seconds.

Press Release (DE)
Research and Development | Industry/FMD | Reading Time: 3 Min.
Green ICT @ FMD: Launch of the Competence Center for Resource-conscious Information and Communication

Aiming to contribute to the reduction of the digital technologies' footprint via research and development, the Fraunhofer and Leibniz institutes cooperating within the framework of the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD for its acronym in German) are jointly establishing a cross-location competence center for resource-conscious information and communication technology (Green ICT @ FMD). The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the Green ICT initiative, which is part of the German government's Climate Protection Program 2030.

Press Release

Research and Development | Industry/FMD | Reading Time: 3 Min.
The Research Factory for Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing: Germany-wide Cooperation FMD-QNC and the Microelectronics Academy of FMD Launched

Double boost for microelectronic research: We are pleased to announce together with the FMD that the projects FMD-QNC and the Microelectronics Academy have officially started. In the FMD-QNC project, Fraunhofer IMS provides tools to advance next-generation chip design in the quantum domain. FMD-QNC is as much an important part of the »European Chips Act« as the Microelectronics Academy. For the implementation of a national chip design ecosystem, the Fraunhofer IMS has already announced the launch of the competence center CHIPS.NRW in May, which also aims to establish and promote an academy for chip design in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Press Release FMD-QNC
  Microelectronics Academy (DE)  

Questionaire | Lesezeit: 1 Min.
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PR Manager

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