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Newsletter 02/2023

Dear Readers,

in our new MicroNews issue, we present our latest Feature on Biomedical Sensor Systems. Innovative projects from the areas of mRNA production automation, Gaia-x-based support systems for care workers, and rapid data acquisition for research into diseases such as Alzheimer's and depression provide insights into the research work of our colleagues in the Business Unit Health.

Together with our partners, we are working on solutions for a resource-efficient transforming industry and on the creation of new jobs at regional level. In this context, we report on our participation in the EU project CLEVER and on ZaKI.D (Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence Duisburg), which is currently in the starting blocks.

In a video interview, our colleague Christian Walk introduces you to our LiDAR detectors at the embedded world and we then show you our new blood pressure scale, which had its premiere at the DMEA. Also, visit us at three other trade fairs in May and June to experience more solutions live. There you can get to know our contactless vital sign measurement in the vehicle cabin, efficient RISC-V charging systems and highly sensitive image sensors.

We look forward to meeting you in person and until then wish you a lot of fun reading.

In this issue
Feature Biomedical Sensor Systems: Highly sensitive, intelligent medical sensors
EU-Project CLEVER: Saving resources and optimizing processes in industry
ZaKI.D for new jobs and digital transformation in Duisburg
Videointerview: Christian Walk on our high-resolution LiDAR detectors
Premiere: Blood pressure scale at DMEA 2023 in Berlin
PCIM, May 9 to 11: Efficient charging and fail-safe monitoring of machine tools
inCabin, June 20 to 22: Contactless vital sign monitoring in the vehicles cabin
Laser World of Photonics, June 27 to 30: Highly sensitive image sensors with the lowest dark count rate to see through skin, sunlight and absolute darkness
Theses with big ideas wanted for the Green ICT Award - apply now!
Feature | Biomedical Sensor Systems | Reading time: 5 min.
Highly sensitive, intelligent medical sensors: Innovation drivers for a better healthcare for everyone

Karsten Seidl, Head of Business Unit Health, and his team want to shape the medical care of tomorrow with intelligent sensor solutions. »With the help of various sensors, for example, we relieve caregivers of the burden of measuring vital parameters, ensure high quality in the production of cancer therapeutics, and enable the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and depression,« explains Karsten Seidl. »We bring innovations to medical technology SMEs and thus make our contribution to a stable and progressive healthcare for patients.« Find out which projects will make this possible in our feature.


Press release | Industry | Reading time: 3 min.
Higher energy efficiencies and process optimizations for an industry in transition: Fraunhofer IMS develops compilers for efficient hardware implementations of AI algorithms in the EU project CLEVER

Edge AIoT (AI integrated in the Internet of Things) is not only a trend, but also increasingly necessary for industry. In the context of industrial applications, continuous improvement of hardware for computing AI algorithms is needed. This challenge is addressed by 19 companies and universities in the CLEVER research project. Their common goal is to develop an energy-efficient hardware accelerator for AI algorithms. Learn more about our part in the project in the press release.

Press Release

Press release | Innovation Center/Embedded Software and AI | Reading time: 3 min.
Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence Duisburg (ZaKI.D) for new jobs and digital transformation in Duisburg


A new »Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence Duisburg (ZaKI.D)« has been proposed by the City of Duisburg for funding in the 5-location program. ZaKI.D is intended to make it easier for numerous small and medium-sized companies to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations and products. This is expected to create about 30 project-related and 500 externally linked, new and well-paid jobs in Duisburg. Fraunhofer IMS is to set up the ZaKI.D joint project together with the City of Duisburg, the University of Duisburg-Essen, and the Krohne company after receiving the funding decision.

Press Release (DE)
Videointerview | Industry/Mobility | 3 min.
Christian Walk on our high-resolution LiDAR detectors for precise distance measurements and object detection

At embedded world 2023 our colleague Christian Walk presented our developments from the LiDAR area. Take a look and get inspired for your applications!

Video (YouTube)

Trade fair | Health | Reading time: 1 min.
Premiere: Blood pressure scale at DMEA 2023 in Berlin

Future health monitoring: using the scales to check not only your weight, but also your blood pressure. At DMEA 2023 in Berlin, we presented our new demonstrator, the blood pressure scale, in a live demo. Learn more about the demo via the link.

Blood Pressure Scale

Trade fair | Industry | Reading time: 1 min.
PCIM 2023: Efficient charging and fail-safe monitoring of machine tools and robots with our RISC-V processors

Meet our colleagues and see applications from our research on RISC-V processors at PCIM 2023. The efficient processors ensure a high level of safety and flexibility. See how our AIRISC-POWER processor combines PWM signal generation and AI computation in a fast-switching power controller from May 9-11 in hall 7, booth 561 in Nuremberg. Learn more about our applications via the link on the right.

May 9 to 11
Visit us: PCIM 2023

When? May 9 to 11, 2023
Where? Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, hall 7, booth 561

Make an appointment now and book your free trade fair ticket.

More Info
June 20 to 22
Save the date: inCabin

When? June 20 to 22, 2023
Where? Autoworld Museum Brüssel, booth 9

Make an appointment now and book your free trade fair ticket.

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Trade fair | Mobility | Reading time: 2 min.
Vehicle in cabin monitoring: More safety in the car through contactless, AI-supported vital signs recording

Get to know a new demonstrator in Brussels that simulates real driving behavior and can measure important parameters of the person driving. Based on optical camera systems, vital parameters such as heart rate and respiration rate can be recorded contactlessly in the vehicle interior and analyzed directly. With the help of specially adapted algorithms, various disturbances can be taken into account, such as movements of the vehicle or the person driving, changes in light and reflections, or other people in the background.

Trade fair | Industry | Reading time: 2 min.
Optimal performance to see through skin, bright sunlight and absolute darkness

Upgrade your signal detection with highly sensitive single-photon avalanche diodes (SPADS) and the lowest dark count rate.

At Laser World of Photonics we will present our solutions for the detection of people and objects under different difficult conditions from absolute brightness to darkness.

Get to know our LiDAR cameras as well as powerful SPAD solutions for health, mobility, industry and space. You can be inspired and receive competent advice on how our technology can also achieve the best possible results for you.

Make an appointment now and book your free exhibition ticket via the button on the right.

June 27 to 30
Save the date: Laser World of Photonics 2023

When? June 27 to 30, 2023
Where? Exhibition Center Munich, hall A3, booth 471

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Award | Industry | Reading time: 2 min.
Theses with big ideas wanted for the Green ICT Award - apply now!

In order to get prospective scientists interested in microelectronics and especially in Green ICT, a study prize will be awarded as part of the »Green ICT @ FMD« competence center. Submissions will be accepted until June 30. The aim is to reward outstanding student theses in the field of resource-saving information and communications technology and to motivate young researchers. The study award is initiated by the Research Facb Microelectronics Germany (FMD), in whose activities the Fraunhofer IMS also participates.

Apply now! (DE)
  Video (DE)  




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