Trust is better: "Velektronik" research project creates networking platform for trustworthy electronics

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In order to use electronics safely and reliably, it must be possible to understand where they come from, what they do and how they are constructed. Although there are currently a number of technical solutions for trustworthy electronics, there is still no consistent methodology for trustworthiness that adequately covers the entire value chain. The research project launched in March 2021 will start here. 

As the central project of the funding guideline for "Trustworthy Electronics (ZEUS)" of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), a networking platform for trustworthy electronics for Germany is to be created as part of the research project "Velektronik", which will create secure value chains as an interface between research and companies. To this end, the cooperation partners from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Leibniz Association in the Research Factory Microelectronics Germany (FMD) will work together with edacentrum over the next three years on solution concepts for trustworthy electronics in all areas of electronics development and manufacturing.

Within the project, the Fraunhofer IMS contributes its expertise in ASIC design as well as RISC-V based system-on-chips with safety and security mechanisms to the design pillar. In addition, research is being conducted on trustworthy design flows and the establishment of a repository for verified components.


Important step for technologica sovereignty in Germany and Europe

A future-oriented society relies on electronic components in all relevant technical application domains - whether in critical infrastructures, Industry 4.0, the automotive sector or even medical devices. People must be able to rely on them to build trustworthy products, systems and infrastructure. "Technological sovereignty means that, against the backdrop of highly internationalized value creation, we retain sovereignty over what specific properties the electronic components of our products have," emphasizes Johann Heyszl, head of the Hardware Security department at Fraunhofer AISEC and technical director of the research project, adding: "This sustainably secures the innovation and competitiveness of German companies, especially SMEs."


The entire value chain is addressed

Electronics are trustworthy when they meet all our expectations in terms of functionality and at the same time leave no backdoors or vulnerabilities open to attackers and manipulation. The platform being created in the research project starts here and will take the entire value chain into account to deliver concrete solution concepts for trustworthy electronics. To this end, the partners will focus on creating a technological overview, contributions to the necessary standardization and building the network of research and industry as well as the know-how. The results can then be used within the platform, for further research projects and, above all, by industry. A direct practical relevance as well as a strong industrial relevance and acceptance are ensured by an industrial advisory board.

The platform "Velektronik" is coordinated by the office of the research factory microelectronics Germany. The overall coordination of the research project "Velektronik" is carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Safety AISEC. 

You can follow the current developments within the platform here:

You can watch the video about the Velektronik project here: 


The project Velektronik is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the project number FKZ 16ME0225.




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