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Mission Statement#

The mission gives a clear guidance to all employees how to act and react.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS is derived from our mission and vision, which we have chosen to follow. As a research institute with a worldwide reputation, we conduct research in close cooperation with industry and transform the results of basic research into diverse applications and products together with our partners. Therefore, it is necessary to always keep these principles in mind. The overriding mission statement of the IMS relates to various areas of our institute:


Our employees form the base to extend of our know-how and our competences as an institute in the whole.  Therefore, we would like to promote individual satisfaction and actively facilitate individual developments. It is therefore part of our mission statement to work together in interdisciplinary and international teams, whereby we pay attention to a balanced structure under the consideration of age, education and experience.  

Quality #

"Doing the right things right" is our guiding principle. This includes the continuous improvement of all processes and the reliable fulfilment of customer requirements. We pursue a zero-error policy and adapt to the constantly growing quality expectations. A central component is a functioning quality management system. 

Customer orientation #

According to the motto: "The customers success is our success" we are constantly working on establishing and expanding cooperation’s and partnerships. Our guiding principle is that we are always in a position to provide competitive solutions and to serve as a constant and reliable source of innovation. The anticipation of customer requirements is indispensable and consequently an elementary component of our mission statement.


For the benefit of our customers, we conduct applied research related to the development of innovative microelectronics with the aim of generating licenses. We want to act as a trendsetter for CMOS & MST-based systems and continue to be recognized worldwide for innovative system-oriented solutions.


In order to secure our medium- and long-term future, we make strategic investments and sustainable personnel recruitment in cooperation with universities. In this way, we aim to generate qualitative and quantitative growth. One of our guiding principles is a strategic, IP-based expansion of the value chain. 

A schematic representation of the basic building blocks of the mission statement
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Mission statements basic building blocks

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