CMOS Line and ASIC Services

Fraunhofer IMS offers various customized solutions: With the in-house CMOS line and the services and technologies of ASIC Services.

CMOS Line and ASIC Services

“From the concept up to the pilot production“ is the maxim that the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS in Duisburg follows. More specifically, this means that we offer our customers professional analog or mixed-signal ASIC design solutions from the concept up to the verified silicon for “turnkey” application-specific products. The CMOS clean room in our institute provides the optimal technical conditions for research and development in this field.

ASIC Services

When the highest demands are placed on reliable compliance with specified parameters - in difficult ambient conditions such as electromagnetic interference or large temperature fluctuations - robust circuits with integrated self-test offer a safe solution. Particularly in harsh industrial environments, highly accurate and reliable evaluation of measured values and signals is essential. Fraunhofer IMS has the system know-how to develop high-quality mixed-signal circuits for ASICs with improved robustness and improved parameters.

In addition to implementation in various standard CMOS technologies, we offer design and technology solutions for medical applications, harsh environments, safety & security and sensor applications. Special circuit parts or sensor system components are designed individually and customer-specific and integrated with standard components such as sensor readout, signal processing, interface components or integrated microcontrollers on an IC.

Fraunhofer IMS offers the following services and technologies:

  • Sensor interfaces
  • Analog ICs
  • Signal conversion
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Integrated sensors
  • Tailor-made packages and tests
  • Energy-optimized solutions
  • Pilot production

In-house CMOS line

The ASICs are processed in our in-house CMOS clean room, which forms the technological basis for the research and development work of our institute. Our CMOS clean room is equipped with first-class equipment and meets the high requirements and quality standards of a CMOS line for the automotive industry. On customer request, or if the requirements of the new development require it, we also offer designs in foundry processes with subsequent external production. After processing the wafers (frontend), the ASICs are tested, thinned, separated and assembled in the backend. We have our own clean rooms and facilities for the special test and assembly requirements for pressure and image sensors. The technological basis for applications in harsh environments is thus created by the CMOS processes available at the IMS with special options for sensor components, high-voltage options and extended temperature ranges. We at Fraunhofer IMS develop all processes ourselves and extend them with additional process modules such as special optical devices, integrated pressure sensors or high-voltage components.

Fraunhofer IMS offers the following services and technologies:

  • CMOS technology development
  • MEMS Technology Development
  • Microsystems integrated on CMOS wafers
  • Process development and consulting for the semiconductor industry
  • Pilot production of CMOS and MEMS


Pressure and image sensors

In addition to the classic mixed-signal ASICs, the institute specializes in circuits in the field of sensor technology and sensor selection for industrial applications.

Sensors for pressure and temperature as well as optical sensors can be integrated directly on the chip. For optimal system adaptation, the institute offers the development of reference designs for embedding in the target environment.

Everything from a single source

IMS's certified quality management system guarantees reliable and robust design solutions for technically demanding components. Through the use of standardized development processes and pre-developed IP blocks, the institute can offer cost-effective implementations with short development times for robust customer-specific integrated circuits. In addition to the implementation of technical specifications, the flexible supply chain service offers optimal adaptation to updated delivery forms, dates and quantities. In addition to the development of customer-specific solutions for integrated circuits, Fraunhofer IMS also offers consulting and concept studies as well as feasibility studies for the use of these technologies. In addition to the CMOS line, the Fraunhofer IMS operates its own microsystems technology line (MST Lab & FAB), which enables the post-processing of CMOS wafers and the integration of micromechanical structures on the wafer to create new components.

Who are our customers?

The clientele that uses our CMOS line and our ASIC services is made up of small and medium-sized as well as large companies. In addition to the semiconductor industry, the main customers are users of microelectronics who improve or develop their electronic systems with the support of the IMS. In addition, Fraunhofer IMS offers its customers the possibility of pilot series production, which cannot be offered by large semiconductor manufacturers of this kind.

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