The Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center has occupied itself for the past 15 years with current and future possibilities for smart residential and commercial properties.
In the creative workshop in Duisburg, the Fraunhofer Society bundles the potential of several Fraunhofer institutes and numerous partners from the industry, in order to develop, test and demonstrate innovative systems and products together in various application laboratories.
Currently, the fields of energy efficiency and the advancement of “smarter“ measuring and energy systems is at the center of our attention.
Furthermore, dealing with the challenges and ramifications of the demographic change is another topic at the Fraunhofer inHaus-Center. The development of intelligent technical assistance systems for a preferably long and autonomous life and living at an advanced age is an example of the research and development work and describes the probable future focus of smart buildings, which will provide safety and security anticipatory for the elderly.
The project “Hospital Engineering“ occupies itself with the challenges which commercial properties – in this case hospitals – are facing and addresses the needs of employees and patients of a hospital. All relevant premises of a hospital have been reproduced on 350 square meters in order to test developments together with several Fraunhofer institutes and partners from the industry  in a close-to-reality environment and subsequently bringing those to the market. The goal of this collaborative work within this authentic test environment is to improve procedures and processes of a hospital by using intelligent technology in order to reduce costs and enhance  the quality of patient care. Everyday scenarios can be analyzed and developments tested in this laboratory without disturbing a hospital’s daily routine.
The workshop from Duisburg also serves as an incubator for the support of technology-oriented, innovative start-ups and offers sufficient space for visionary research and development work with Makerspaces and FabLabs. Guided tours through the laboratories, demonstrations, innovation workshops and further education seminars top off the range of services.   

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