CMOS Clean Room and ASIC Services

Especially in rough industrial environments a high-precision and reliable analysis of measuring values and signals is essential. Therefore, the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems in Duisburg has developed new mixed signal circuits for ASICs which are more robust and have enhanced parameters.

Highest demands concerning the reliable compliance with specified parameters and difficult ambient conditions like electromagnetic stray radiation or great temperature fluctuations can be met by using robust circuits with a built-in self-test. The available CMOS processes at Fraunhofer IMS with special options for sensors modules, high-voltage options and an extended temperature range provide a technological basis for applications in rough environments.

Fraunhofer IMS works from the design up to the pilot fabrication. We offer our customers professional analog or mixed signal ASIC design solutions starting from the concept up to verified silicon for ready-for-use ASIC products.


From one source

The certified quality management system of the institute guarantees reliable and robust design solutions for technical demanding components. By using standardized development processes and pre-developed IP-cores the institute offers cost-effective implementations with short development times for robust, custom integrated circuits. Additionally to the implementation of the technical specifications, our flexible supply chain service offers an optimal adaptation to updated delivery forms, dates and quantities.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems in Duisburg offers additionally to the development of customized solutions for integrated circuits consulting and concept studies as well as feasibility studies for the application of these technologies.


Pressure and image sensors

Among the conventional mixed signal ASICs, the institute is specialized in the field of circuits in the area of sensors and sensor readout for industrial applications.

Pressure and temperature sensors as well as optical sensors can be integrated directly on the chip. For an optimal system adjustment the institute provides the development of reference designs for the embedding in the target environment.


ASIC manufacturing

The special subjects of the ASIC business unit are mixed analog-to-digital circuits for the processing of sensor signals and ASICs with integrated microcontrollers or sensors. The processing of ASICs takes place in our own cleanroom which includes premium technical equipment and fulfils the high demands and quality standards of a CMOS line in the automotive industry.

After the processing of the wafer (frontend) the ASICs are tested, thinned, separated and assembled in the backend.
Fraunhofer IMS has in-house cleanrooms and facilities for special test and assembling requirements for pressure and image sensors.

Our typical customers are both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. Our key accounts are the semiconductor industry and user of microelectronics who would like to enhance or redevelop their electronic systems by the support of the IMS.

Furthermore, the Fraunhofer IMS provides for its customers the opportunity to process pilot series which cannot be offered by large semiconductor manufacturers.


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