High temperature electronics

The use of standard electronics is limited to a temperature range up to approx. 150 °C. However, many applications require higher temperature resistance. For example, sensors and actuators in industrial processes are also required and used at significantly higher temperatures. These are then usually constructed from purely passive components and the electronics are operated remotely outside the hot area, which requires additional installation space and limits performance.

We have developed a special technology for this extended temperature range; in this 0.35 µm high-temperature SOI-CMOS technology, integrated high-temperature electronics can still be operated at an operating temperature of 300 °C. In this way, individual transistors are not affected. Individual transistors are no longer isolated from each other by diodes (pn junctions), but dielectrically by a buried oxide, which reduces leakage currents by up to three orders of magnitude. Additional optimization of the components enables high-performance operation of integrated circuits up to 300 °C. To further increase the reliability of high-temperature electronics and reduce degradation due to electromigration, the technology also features tungsten instead of the usual aluminium metallization. The minimum structure size of 0.35 µm and up to four metal layers allow the realization of compact integrated systems including small embedded microcontrollers.

We support you in the realization of high temperature electronics as microelectronic circuits or systems. Open up new fields of applications with us or optimize existing systems, for example with regard to performance, design or cooling, by using high-temperature integrated circuits (HT-ICs), realized in an optimized high-temperature SOI-CMOS technology. Benefit from our development and manufacturing know-how in high temperature electronics.

The realization of integrated circuits for a temperature range up to 300 °C requires a good understanding of the temperature behaviour of individual components as well as possible parasitic effects. Fraunhofer IMS has extensive know-how in design and realization of integrated high-temperature electronics for use in harsh environments and at temperatures up to 300 °C.

Appropriate standard and IP libraries are available for the development within the high temperature electronics, which are continuously extended.

Fraunhofer IMS offers design support as well as the complete realization of your application specific high temperature electronic IC (HT-ASIC) from conceptual design to pilot production.

High Precision Readout IC for Accelerometers

High Resolution Delay Measurement in your ASIC

Our technologies - Innovations for your products

Sensor Frontends

These first signal processing stages in sensor systems amplify, filter and convert sensor signals into digital form

Mixed Signal Design

Complex electronic functions are increasingly realized through the closely interlocked design of analog and digital circuits


In SoC design, complex systems with microcontroller, memory and extensive application-specific functions are developed

Integrated Sensors

Integrated sensors can be incorporated directly into a circuit design and enable miniaturized, efficient sensor systems

Neural Networks

Neural networks often allow highly efficient signal analysis directly at the location of the sensor system

"eHarsh Seminar"

Intelligent control of processes in the field of Industry 4.0 is presented by the ILT in your online seminar eHarsh

Our technology areas - Our technologies for your development

Integrated Sensor Systems

Covers all electronic components for sensor signal conditioning and readout.

Optical Systems

Comprises 3D-Sensors, High-Speed-Imaging, detection of extreme low light as well as scientific imaging.

Wireless and Transponder Systems

Incorporates the wireless acquisition of sensor and ID-data even in passive systems.


Smart Sensor Systems

Here you can get back to the overview page of the core competence Smart Sensor Systems (SSS).

Inductive Proximity Sensor

A robust Inductive Proximity Sensor for up to 250°C


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