Services & Know-how

Competent support from the idea up to the product in the development of wireless transponder systems in medical technology, care, industry and producing industry.

Services & Know-how

As a competent player in the field of wireless and transponder technology Fraunhofer IMS offers a variety of services and know-how for the development of innovative products.

V-model for the system development
© Fraunhofer IMS
V-model for the system development
Simulation of a complex transmission path in a metallic environment
© Fraunhofer IMS
One example of our services ist he simulation of a complex transmission path in a metallic environment with support of our know-how in high-frequency technology

As a competent partner in the field “Wireless and Transponder Systems“ and their design, Fraunhofer IMS offers a variety of services and know-how:

  • Customer- and application-specific consultation for the application of RFID and transponder technology has been a service since the foundation of the institute
  • Special know-how is in the field simulation for the evaluation of wireless technologies in specific environments
  • Planning, performance and evaluation of field testing in the area of RFID, sensor transponders and sensor networks
  • Design of high-frequency circuits and antennas based on the know-how from various F+E projects
  • Conception, development and setup of active and passive transponders, sensor transponders and nodes for wireless sensor networks
  • Conception, development and setup of read-write units (hardware and embedded software) for transponder systems
  • Application-specific know-how in the frequency ranges LF, HF, UHF
  • Development and implementation of standardized and proprietary communication protocols for wireless and grid-bound communication
  • Setup of demonstrators, prototypes and pre-production samples of transponders, sensor nodes and read-write units and service for planning and implementation of pilot testing
  • System integration

The focus of the current research work is on the increase of the read range of transponder paths, the decrease of power consumption of sensor transponders and the connection to other sensors for the expansion of the application areas. The adaption of transponder systems to challenging environmental conditions, for example in a metallic or generally harsh industrial environment is another focus area.

The development of transponder systems begins with the creation of a product specification sheet in which the development goal is described completely and distinctively. The development is carried out within the framework of the quality management system of Fraunhofer IMS based on the DIN EN ISO 9001. The development steps contain detail concepts for hardware and software for the testability and risk management. Subsequently, after an internal quality evaluation, follows the actual system development (hardware development, software development, system integration), from which the results are extensively examined in the following test and measurement phase.

There is also the possibility to set up a realistic application environment in the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center resulting in not only the verification of the developed transponder system regarding the specified technical parameters, but also validated in its often complex functionality. Apart from our customer benefits this happens preferably with involvement of the customer.

For the completion of the development we deliver the agreed upon amount of tested prototypes to the customer and, if necessary, support in the integration of transponder systems in the system environment of the requested application. As an additional service, Fraunhofer IMS supports in field testing, in the creation of business models, in the further development of serial products and arranges competent partner for the subsequent serial production.

Summary of our customer benefits:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Benefit analyses
  • Concept studies/concept developments
  • Prototype developments (system developments, hardware and software development)
  • Planning, performance and evaluation of field testing
  • Integration into the application environment
  • Development of business models

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