Customer Benefits

Competent support from the idea up to the product in the development of wireless transponder systems in medical technology, care, industry and production industry.

Customer Benefits Wireless and Transponder Systems

As a competent player in the field of wireless and transponder technology Fraunhofer IMS offers a variety of customer benefits.

Troubleshooting using radiographs
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Troubleshooting in encapsulated electronic circuits using radiographs
Photo Customer Benefits in Wireless Transponder Systems
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The customer benefits of a variety of services on the example of the antenna design through field simulations in the business unit Wireless and Transponder Systems

In the business field Wireless & Transponder Systems Fraunhofer IMS offers a variety of customer benefits, which are described in detail:

Based on our long-time accumulated know-how Fraunhofer IMS offers the customer benefits which are described in our services and know-how.

The focus of our current research work is, for example, on the increase of the read range of transponder distances, the decrease of power consumption of sensor transponders and the connection of further sensors for the extension of the application fields. The adaption of transponder systems to difficult environmental conditions, for example in metallic or generally rough industrial environments, is another focus area.

For the realization there are various resources available for our employees which are described in more detail in our infrastructure.

Originating from detailed concepts for the implementation of hardware and software there are fully equipped laboratories and an HF measurement chamber available in the business unit Wireless and Transponder Systems. The simulation of electromagnetic fields for the design and adaption of antennas we have the special service offer of a simulation software on the basis of finite elements.

The living labs in the Fraunhofer-inHaus-Center allow for the integration of development results into a realistic application environment and to test and evaluate it on-site.

For the collaboration with its partners the business unit “Wireless and Transponder Systems” offers diverse possibilities of bi- and multilateral collaboration. Our customer benefits range from feasibility studies over development projects up to the product approval. Examples for this can be found in our cooperation models.

In addition to the technical development we also support our partners in financing the innovation. We examine possibilities for public funding or select partners from our cooperation network to form a qualified consortium for a (funded) joint project.

In summary we offer the following services at Fraunhofer IMS

  • Feasibility studies
  • Benefit analyses
  • Concept studies/concept developments
  • Prototype developments (system developments, hardware and software development)
  • Planning, performance and evaluation of field testing
  • Approval examinations with involvement of external accredited test laboratories
  • Integration into the application environment
  • Development of business models

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Services & Know-How

We support you from the idea up to the product in thedevelopment of wireless transponder systems


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Cooperation Models

Benefit from our various possibilities for the cooperation in the joint development of innovative technologies and products.

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