Wireless and Transponder Systems

The field of Wireless and Transponder Systems at Fraunhofer IMS is a competent research and development partner for wireless sensors and transponder systems.

Wireless and Transponder Systems

We offer our customers solutions for their applications on the basis of our know-how in the areas of wireless and transponder systems, high-frequency technology, sensors, signal processing and embedded systems.

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The business unit Wireless and Transponder Systems develops sensors for the industrial automation and various other applications
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Competences Wireless and Transponder Systems

Modern and future-oriented industrial manufacture and processing methods that are discussed and realized under the designation of “industry 4.0“ can only be carried out reliably, if there is detailed information provided regarding the logistics and production processes and data regarding identities and measurement data of tools, workpieces and machines is available at all times. On the basis of this data automated production steps can be controlled and monitored, maintenance needs can be detected, wear can be minimized, tool life and manufacturing yield can be optimized and quality recordings can be manufactured.

Transponder systems – especially sensor transponder systems – and sensor networks provide an excellent technological basis for the acquisition of identification and sensor data, especially from mobile, rotating or otherwise difficult to access objects. Therefore, this technology provides an important contribution for the implementation of the “Internet of Things“ (IoT). Through the wireless communication and power supply new application fields are opening up, for example in medicine, to obtain measurement data for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes from implanted sensors. Other interesting application fields can be found in the areas of construction and logistics.

Fraunhofer IMS has built up and maintains a broad know-how basis in the area of wireless near field communication in many years and various research and development projects of the business unit Wireless and Transponder Systems. The competence areas of Fraunhofer IMS include both active and passive (sensor-) transponder solutions in all common frequency ranges, wireless sensor networks and embedded systems. Together with the also provided system integration and networking competence Fraunhofer IMS therefore offers all components for the realization of “Cyber-Physical Systems“ (CPS).

The mentioned applications are not limited to the industrial production, but extend into many other areas. For example, there have been specific solutions for implants in the field of medical technology. Here, the transponder technology enables smart sensors that fulfill measurement tasks in the human body. The pressure measurements in the bloodstream, eye or brain are familiar examples.

Moreover, the infrastructure monitoring is an increasingly important application. The solution overhead line monitoring shows the potential in this fields and demonstrates the benefits of the digitalization in these applications around smart grid and smart city.

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