We develop customer-specific pressure sensor systems for various applications. The applied technologies are presented briefly.

Technologies of Pressure Sensor Systems at Fraunhofer IMS

The technologies for the development of pressure sensor systems at Fraunhofer IMS are presented here

Employee working on equipment in the MST-Lab&Fab at IMS in Duisburg
© Fraunhofer IMS
Equipment for wafer cleaning concerning the infrastructure at the IMS in Duisburg in the in-house clean room for manufacturing of ASICS and sensors.
Das Bild ist durch eine Image produced by IMS equipment of a pressurized membrane of the post-CMOS pressure sensor process.IMS vorhandene Anlage erzeugt worden.  Zu sehen ist die Oberfläche einer mit Druck beaufschlagten Membran. Die Membran biegt sich entsprechend nach unten aus. Für die Herstellung der Membran wurde der Post-CMOS-Drucksensorprozess beim IMS verwendet
© Fraunhofer IMS
This image has been produced by Fraunhofer IMS equipment. You can see the surface of a pressurized membrane which is bending downwards. A post-CMOS pressure sensor process at Fraunhofer IMS has been applied to produce this membrane.

Various semiconductor technologies are available for the development of pressure sensor systems at Fraunhofer IMS. Our broad infrastructure includes a certified CMOS clean room of automotive industry standards for manufacturing of monolithic integrated pressure sensors. Systems that are realized with this technology are so-called 1-chip systems that have the read-out circuit and the pressure sensor produced in a 1.2 µm technology and housed on one chip.

Furthermore 2-chip pressure sensor systems can be realized, in which the interface ASIC in a 0.35 µm technology and the pressure sensors of the above-mentioned greater technology are being produced. The ASIC read-out circuit and the sensors are assembled via in-house installation and connection technology.

Besides the CMOS production line, the Microsystems Technology (MST) Lab&Fab is established as well. This second clean room provides the possibility to realize 1-chip systems by mounting, for example pressure-sensitive diaphragms directly onto the existing ASIC via post-CMOS processing. This post-CMOS process has been developed at Fraunhofer IMS and is conveniently executed on 200-mm CMOS wafers in our MST-Lab&Fab.  This opens new possibilities to mount post-CMOS sensor elements subsequently onto the read-out circuit which can be produced externally in even smaller CMOS technologies (e.g. 0.18 µm).

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We develop customer-specific pressure sensor sytems for medical or industrial applications. These are briefly presented here.


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