Service & Know-How

Use our services and know-how to further develop your customer-specific sensor systems.

Our Services and Know-how in the Development of Your Sensor System

The services and the comprehensive know-how of the business field Pressure Sensor Systems at IMS help to realize pressure sensor systems tailored to customer requirements. IMS is by your side as a competent partner for production, qualification and delivery from the prototype up to the serial product of medical, implantable or other special pressure sensor systems.

© Fraunhofer IMS
Fraunhofer IMS know-how in application of design and simulation of integrated CMOS evaluation electronics for a pressure sensor system.
Mittels IMS-Service realisiertes Sensorsystems zur Blutdruckmessung auf Fingerkuppe
© Fraunhofer IMS
Isolated pressure sensor for a sensor implant for blood pressure monitoring realized with Fraunhofer IMS services
Mitarbeiterin beim CAD unterstützten Design und Simulation der integrierten CMOS-Auswerteelektronik für ein Drucksensorsystem
© Fraunhofer IMS
Fraunhofer IMS know-how in application: Design and simulation of integrated CMOS readout electronics for a pressure sensor system.

You can use the services and know-how of the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS in the area of pressure sensor systems. Develop your application-specific pressure sensor system together with IMS and reach your destination quicker due to our thirty years of know-how.

Our services include, among others, the development of MEMS-based pressure transmitters that are customized to your needs. Thus the measuring range of the system can be easily adjusted from a few millibar up to 600 bar; and your individual requirements in the digital and analog signal processing can be taken into account as well.

We at Fraunhofer IMS introduce our profitable know-how to the development of novel sensor elements and processes for the successful realization of your plans. In this process we support you in production, qualification, delivery from the prototype up to the serial product.

Furthermore, pressure systems (sensor elements and ASICs) for operation in temperatures of up to 300 °C have been successfully developed and put into operation. In addition, services and know-how of IMS include the realization of passive pressure sensors that stand out for their low power consumption. These sensors have an excellent transponder capability (RFID).

Our know-how in the area of pressure sensor systems also includes the realization of biocompatible and hermetic encapsulated sensors that exhibit long-term stability and are therefore implantable.

Please feel free to contact us and describe the desired application field for your sensor system as well as the framework conditions. We would be pleases to advise and help you with our know-how to find the suitable IMS service for you.

The services and know-how advantages of IMS briefly summarized:

  • Customer-specific development of MEMS-based pressure transmitters:
    •         Scalable measuring ranges from a few mbar up to 600 bar
    •         Transponder capability through low energy demand
    •         Integrated temperature sensor for compensation
    •         Customizable digital and analog circuit design
  • Development of novel sensor elements and processes
  • Development of sensor elements and ASICs for application in environments of up to 300 °C
  • Production, qualification and delivery from prototype up to the serial product
  • Individual encapsulation, assembly and connection technology

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