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Learn more about our instrastructure to realize your customer-specific pressure sensor systems.

Infrastructure at Fraunhofer IMS for the Realization of your Sensor Systems

The existing infrastructure at Fraunhofer IMS is especially suitable for the implementation of your projects in the area of implantable sensor systems. Specifically, in the area of passive pressure measurement systems for medical applications and their long-term stability, Fraunhofer IMS has gathered many years of experience.

Infrastructure CMOS

Employee working on equipment in the MST-Lab&Fab at IMS in Duisburg.
© Fraunhofer IMS
Equipment for wafer cleaning concerning the infrastructure at the IMS in Duisburg in the in-house clean room for manufacturing of ASICS and sensors.

For the realization of pressure systems IMS provides a broad infrastructure of various tools. It includes the infrastructure of a CMOS clean room that is certified to the automotive industrial standard for production of monolithic integrated pressure sensors. Systems realized using this technology are so-called 1-chip systems in which the read-out circuit and the pressure sensor are produced in a 1.2 µm technology and housed on one chip. Moreover, 2-chip pressure sensor systems can be realized in which the interface ASIC is produced in a 0.35 µm technology and the pressure sensors are produced in the greater, above-mentioned technology. The ASIC read-out circuit and the sensors are assembled using the in-house installation and connection technology.

Infrastructure MST-Lab&Fab for post-CMOS

Image produced by IMS equipment of a pressurized membrane of the post-CMOS pressure sensor process.
© Fraunhofer IMS
Von einer IMS-Anlage erzeugtes Bild einer mit Druck beaufschlagten Membran des Post-CMOS-Drucksensorprozesses.

Besides the CMOS production line, there is also the possibility to realize 1-chip systems by mounting the sensor elements, for example pressure sensitive diaphragms, onto the ASIC using a post-CMOS process. This post-CMOS process is achievable with our infrastructure in the MST Lab&Fab. It also enables the possibility to manufacture the read-out circuits on 200-mm wafers in smaller CMOS technologies (e.g. 0.18 µm) in external semiconductor Fabs and subsequently mounting them at IMS.

Using the IMS infrastructure, low pressure sensors, high pressure sensors and sensors for high-temperature areas (up to 300 °C) can be realized. Also, biocompatible and hermetic layers for encapsulating sensor systems can be realized through the process of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).

Infrastructure Installation and Connection Technology

Result of using the existing infrastructure of Fraunhofer IMS. Pictured is an affixed and wire-bonded ASIC on a circuit board.
© Fraunhofer IMS
A multisensor ASIC for evaluation and communication, built on a demo board using the existing infrastructure at Fraunhofer IMS. Pictured is the affixes ASIC chip on the PCB as well as wire connections (bonds) between the chip and the demo board.

The infrastructure at IMS for installation and connection technology enables the production of systems with several chips and the delivery of systems on PCBs.

The equipment allows thin sections of wafers with sensitive pressure boxes as well as the subsequent sawing and isolating.

The infrastructure at IMS briefly summarized:

  • CMOS clean room certified to the automotive industrial standard for the production of:
    •    Interface ASICs for pressure sensors in 0.35 µm technology (2-chip systems)
    •    Monolithic integrated pressure sensors in 1.2 µm technology (1-chip systems)
  • Post-processing in the MST-Lab&Fab; further processing of CMOS wafers and adding specific features or MEMS (post-CMOS, 1-chip systems):
    •    Hermetic, biocompatible and biostable layers for CMOS/MEMS pressure sensor systems
    •    Monolithic post-CMOS integration of MEMS pressure sensors
  • Measurement laboratory with professional measuring stations for characterization and accelerated aging of MEMS (pressure) sensors
  • Automated tests of sensors in depending on pressure, acceleration(position, temperature or humidity
  • Wafer thinning, sawing, installation and connection technology and packaging

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