Pressure Sensor Systems Applications

We develope customer-specific pressure sensor sytems for medical or industrial applications. These are briefly presented here.

Pressure Sensor Systems – Applications at Fraunhofer IMS

Applications for Pressure Sensor Systems at Fraunhofer IMS are presented.

Schematic illustration of the implant location inside the head
© Fraunhofer IMS

Implant location of the brain shunt with sensor for treatment of hydrocephalus patients.

Image of a realized theranostic implant that is built as a multisensory on a ceramic circuit board
© Fraunhofer IMS

Realized theranostic implant that is built as a multisensory on a ceramic circuit board

In microelectronics, the trend in application is towards miniaturized sensors that already have basic signal processing included. The same applies to the realization of pressure sensors which our pressure sensor systems originate from. For applications required by customers we develop effective, energy-efficient solutions that are individually tailored to the surrounding conditions.

The IMS patented manufacturing process of pressure sensors on the basis of surface microprocessing provides the possibility for monolithic integration which results in very low energy requirements of the developed pressure sensors in application. Thus efficient energy can be obtained without using additional batteries.  Therefore our sensors are especially suitable for application in active implants.

In recent years, various implantable pressure sensor systems for long-term monitoring of important physiological parameters, for example blood, bladder or intraocular pressure, have been developed at Fraunhofer IMS. Several of these developments received CE-certifications and are approved as active implants, such as the Hydrocephalus Shunt Sensor.

Another application example is the “Theranostic Implant that integrates several sensors, like pressure, temperature and position sensors, and is controlled and read out by a superordinate ASIC. After an implantation in the cardiovascular area, this implant monitors and controls the haemodynamics. Read out of the implant is wireless via a transponder solution. Beyond the data transmission the pressure sensor system along with the ASIC is powered with the required energy telemetrically.

Miniaturized pressure sensor system transponders are also suitable for hydraulic applications in industrial technology or for measurement of tire pressure in automobile manufacture (TPMS), as well as pressure inside of vacuum insulating panels (VIP).

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