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Services from the business unit IR Imagers


Services & Know how

  • Research, development and processing of innovative and high-performance uncooled infrared sensors (IRFPA) based on CMOS
  • Research, development and processing of infrared sensors for special customer needs
  • Innovative digital readout circuit for microbolometers
  • Development and production of new microbolometer structures and infrared sensor elements
  • Miniaturized and cost-optimized vacuum housing (Chip Sclae Package)
  • Electro-optical characterization of microbolometers and uncooled infrared sensors and recording of important parameters like NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference), responsivity, defect pixels and more
  • Modeling and optimization with simulation programs
  • IC qualification
  • Pilot production of IRFPAs (standard and application-specific IRFPAs)
  • Complete range of services — from concept to pilot production
  • Evaluation camera for determination of sensor performance as well as experimental tests
  • Development of firmware and software for camera systems or application support
  • Thermographic measurements and applications


  • Automotive industry certified CMOS clean room for the realization of readout circuits (use of post-processing optimized Fraunhofer IMS 0.35 µm CMOS process: “L035“)
    • Digital and low-noise readout of microbolometers
    • Integration of additional features for “easy-to-use”-concepts
  • Post-processing in the MST-Lab&Fab clean room; further processing of CMOS wafers and addition of special functions or MEMS:
    • Microbolometers as IR-sensitive sensor elements. Use of in-house developed microbolometer process (only microbolometer process in Germany)
    • Chip Scale Packages as miniaturized and cost-optimized vacuum housing
    • Anti-reflective coats (MWIR and LWIR)
  • Measurement laboratory with professional measuring stations for the characterization of uncooled infrared sensors
  • Automated tests, in particular electro-optical tests on wafer level

Service models

  • Evaluation of new technologies and their application potential
  • Order development from concept to pilot production
  • Consulting service and feasibility studies


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Clean room for the microsystems production

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Chip-scale-package of infrared sensors

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