Application examples for uncooled infrared sensors



The imaging thermography is the standard application of IR-Imagers. The technology is especially used in property inspection.

Application specific IR Imager

There are many application areas for uncooled infrared sensors. But also applications in which the usage of standard far-infrared sensors doesn’t deliver the needed performance.

Monitoring of objects and property

The imaging thermography is an ideal technique for monitoring of objects and property. Authorized or unauthorized access can be specifically detected and determined.

Automated driving

Driverless vehicles need different sensors for the secure and reliable continuous detection of the environment. For example such as cameras in the VIS spectrum, radar or ultrasound systems, Lidar systems, as well as cameras in the far infrared range (FIR).

Traffic supervision

The thermal image of people, motor vehicles and other road users can be identified distinctively, but also anonymously according to data protection requirements.


Uncooled infrared sensors can measure spatially-resolved the near-surface temperature distribution contactless, even over great distances.


Using uncooled infrared sensor technology it is possible to monitor and qualitatively assess the wetting of plants with water or other fluids.  

Animal farming

With uncooled infrared sensors it is possible to spot sick animals in a herd earlier, or to make spatially-resolved anomalies (like infections) visible and individually treatable.