IR Imagers

The new generation of uncooled infrared sensors

The business unit IR Imagers offers the development and pilot fabrication of customer specific infrared sensors. The Infrared Focal Plane -Arrays (IRFPA) are one- or two-dimensional arrays of IR-sensitive pixels in the near to long-wave infrared range. They are based on the microbolometer technology combined with integrated CMOS readout circuits and an appropriate chip scale package (CSP).

Customers for this new IMS business unit come e. g. from the automotive industry, where driver assistance, night vision and pedestrian detection are increasingly important issues. In the industrial sector new technologies in the fields of personal security, people counting or queue management are demanded. In the field of measurement technology infrared sensors are becoming increasingly important for gas analysis or process monitoring. Further applications are thermography for buildings or in medicine, but also for border and building security.

The aim of the versatile developments at the Fraunhofer IMS is to open up new markets by inexpensive infrared sensors. This includes an easy use of the sensors without cooling, compact housings and simple standard interfaces. Customized scalable imagers offer an application-adapted optimized solution.

Product Range and Service

  • Research, development and processing of high performance infrared imagers on CMOS basis for special customer applications
  • Use of the optimized Fraunhofer IMS 0.35 µm CMOS process or foundry processes
  • Development of new infrared sensor elements
  • Design and processing of customized infrared sensors
  • IC qualification
  • Pilot fabrication of ASICs 
  • Complete range of services from the proof of concept to the pilot fabrication
  • Consulting service and feasibility studies
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Digital QVGA infrared detector with integrated readout circuit

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Chip scale package for infrared detectors

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Evaluation camera