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In the service & know-how section of the business field IR imagers you can find our customer-oriented solutions.

Digital QVGA imager with readout circuit
© Fraumhofer IMS
Digitaler QVGA IR Imager with readout circuit
A digital 17 µm QVGA IRFPA mounted onto a detector board including a protective cap in comparison to a quarter is depicted.
© Fraunhofer IMS
Digital 17 μm QVGA-IRFPA

Using its services and know-how the business field IR Imagers at Fraunhofer IMS realizes special customer requirements from the concept development up to production of prototypes and preparation of mass production of infrared sensors. Our services contain the development and processing of innovative and high-performance uncooled infrared sensors (IR imagers) on CMOS basis. Fraunhofer IMS is the only manufacturer of microbolometers in Germany. This technology is complemented by the in-house developed and produced digital readout circuit and vacuum chip scale packages. The combination of the know-how built up over the years in the areas of circuit design, CMOS and microsystems technology with the production possibilities in the in-house clean rooms for CMOS and microsystems technology enables Fraunhofer IMS to support the customer during the whole service range from the first idea up to the realization of the IR imager.

As a competent partner in the field of microelectronics the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS offers the following services and know-how in the area of IR imagers:

  • Research, development and production of innovative and high-performance uncooled IR imagers on a CMOS basis
  • Research, development and production of IR imagers for special customer requirements
  • Development and production of innovative digital readout circuits for microbolometers
  • Development and production of new microbolometer structures and infrared sensor elements
  • Development and transfer of microbolometer technologies
  • Miniaturized and cost-optimized hermetic housing (chip scale package) as vacuum housing or inert gas filling
  • Electro-optical characterization of microbolometers and uncooled infrared sensors for detection of all important parameters, like NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference), sensitivity (responsivity), defected pixels etc.
  • Modeling and optimization of microbolometers and other microsystem structures using technology and multiphysics simulation programs
  • Qualification of technologies and IR imagers for serial production to customer requirements according to JEDEC, SEMI, IEE and MIL standards
  • Pilot production of IR imagers (standard and application-specific IR imagers)
  • Complete, consistent range of services from concept up to pilot production
  • Evaluation camera as a platform for fast and easy operation of IR imagers and determination of sensor performance for customers as well as for experimental tests
  • Development of firmware and software for camera systems or for application support

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