Service models

The service models for IR Imagers supports you in the realization of infrared sensors.

Schematic depiction of the service model in the field IR Imagers from the idea up to the serial product
© Fraunhofer IMS
Support of the customer from the first idea up to the serial product
Thermal image of a face with a hand
© Fraunhofer IMS
Thermal image of a face with a hand taken with the Fraunhofer EVAL camera

The business field IR Imagers supports its customers in the implementation of the best solutions for your tasks in the infrared sensor technology. The requirements can vary in extent and technical conditions. That is why the business field IR Imagers offers a flexible and extensive service model. Starting with feasibility studies, in which the first ideas and concepts of the technical feasibility and market opportunities are evaluated, our service model offers the first support for our customers.

Following first studies or as its own component, the realization of IR imagers in the form of innovative and cost-effective IRFPAs (infrared focal plane arrays) constitutes another element of our service model. For this purpose, new technologies can be assessed and subsequently the potential can be optimized for the applications of our customers. On the basis of these results the development of the customer-specific IR imagers can be practiced. The development for our customers can include everything from here up to pilot production of the IR imagers. That also includes all qualification measures that are necessary for serial production of an IR imager. Beyond pilot production, Fraunhofer IMS also offers the transfer of the needed technologies and the developed products to other production facilities in cooperation with our customers.

Thus, within the framework of its service model, Fraunhofer IMS offers every step from the first ideas up to serial production of IR imagers that is necessary.

Our service model is not only for technical support of our customers, for example in studies or the development of products, but also we can support our customers in the identification of suitable support measures as well as in the creation of the related grant applications.

Here are the service models of the business field IR Imagers at Fraunhofer IMS in summary

  • Consulting service and feasibility studies
  • Assessment of new technologies and their potential for application
  • Order development of IR imagers from concept up to pilot production
  • Identification of suitable support measures and support in the creation of grant applications

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